About Us

Our Aim : We aim to empower the girl child by providing quality education in the direction of ensuring a brighter future for her

About Us

A visionary initiative of Dr (Mrs) Amita Chauhan, Chairperson, Amity Group of Schools & RBEF, Amitasha, is a chain of schools for the less privileged girl child. Established under the aegis of Amitasha Foundation for Upliftment of Under-Privileged Children on April 7, 2000, the initiative is a step in the direction of empowering the girl child by providing her the invaluable tool of education. Today, Amitasha has over 1000 girls under its wing who are not just provided with academic education, but also engaged in other activities to hone their overall personality, instilling in them the confidence to build a brighter and better future. Enrolled at a young age in the school from Class Nursery, students here are nurtured at every step of the way, till they reach Class XII. Right from free meals and books to extra classes and guidance of qualified teachers at all times, girls at Amitasha are provided with necessary support to help them achieve their aims. Amitasha is a dream, one that aims to give wings to the dreams of countless underprivileged girls. Join us, and a be a partof this dream.


Education is every child’s birth right and forms the cornerstone of societal and individual development. The significance of education is even more for a developing country like India, where education can serve as an important tool for empowerment and nation building. Keeping in view the role education can play in shaping India’s future, Amitasha envisages the vision of providing every girl child in India with quality education, who in turn can contribute to the education of an entire family, thereby educating an entire nation.


With a mission to empower the girl child through love, care and support, Amitasha hones over 1000 girls under its wing, preparing them to take on the mantle of the future. In its attempt to shape their lives and provide them with a better tomorrow, Amitasha lays emphasis on their holistic development. The aim is achieved through providing quality education, personality enhancement and healthcare facilities thus empowering a whole generation to face the challenges of life with the same spirit and bring them on the same footing, as the privileged ones.