Creative Expressions

Creative Expressions

We Express on the stage, paper and the canvas; giving wings to our dreams


While education is primary function of a school, education at Amitasha includes many co- curricular activities that go into personality building of students. The students are given opportunity to try new things and explore and develop interest outside of the classroom. Activities range from singing to cooking from drawing to sports(Pipeband , Archery,Karate etc). Our co-curricular activities edify them with learning in discipline, fitness , team spirit and confidence and help them develop a well rounded personality.

A session of Amitasha students with Mr. Andrew Leale , Founder Principal , Harrow International School, Bengaluru

At Amitasha , under the guidance of our honourable Chairperson Dr. (Mrs.) Amita Chauhan, we're constantly enhancing learning experiences for students by introducing them to new people from different parts of the world.

On 20th,October 2022, Mr Andrew Leale our esteemed guest was heartily welcomed by Amitasha’s, senior students who presented him handmade greeting cards and a brochure of Amitasha Foundation . They also sang a Welcome song “Swagatham ”.

This was followed by an interactive session with interesting questions from the students which Mr Andrew Leale answered enthusiastically.

Akansha Kumari of Class XII shared the inspiring mantra given by honourable Founder President for achieving excellence in life -"BAAHG". When asked which Mantra was being followed in Harrow, Mr Andrew Leale replied that they motivated their students to focus on the following human traits: Courage, Fellowship, Humility, Compassion and Human Values. These would help them to lead fulfilling lives.

Diksha Gupta of class XII wanted to know what kind of experience he was looking for as a Principal of Harrow in Bengaluru. Mr Andrew Leale replied that he was going to enjoy knowing the nuances of Indian culture and make his students understand the quality of oneness of humanity. Many more enriching exchanges were done by the students of Amitasha and Mr. Andrew Leale. His simplistic approach helped the students to connect to him with ease.

AIS Noida, Director Principal, Ms Renu Singh ; Senior Vice Principal Ms. Nivedita Verma ;Associate Director Amitasha , Ms Gunjan Singh ; Coordinator Amitasha ,Noida , Ms. Swaraj Pachauri ;Teacher Incharge Amitasha Ms Soniya Gaur attended the session along with students of Amitasha.

This wonderful session ended by taking a group picture.


Under the guidance of our Chairperson Dr. Mrs. Amita Chauhan, a creative week was held from 6th October 2022 to 15th October 2022. Students of AMITASHA wholeheartedly took part in the activities. The aim was to help students showcase their creativity, to make them culturally aware and to reinforce the value that, “Truth always triumphs”.

Students projected their talent through colourful drawings and paintings of the Ramayan.

Hanuman mask, Maa Durga’s face, torans etc. were made using recycled handmade paper and scrap items. Students coloured diyas and empty bottles/jars. They put their thoughts to create beautiful handmade cards, folders, notepads, shagun envelopes paper bags etc.

Stalls were put at AMITASHA’S respective centers and all creative items made by them were displayed. The students efforts were much appreciated.

The credit for the success of this festive week goes to our revered and Hon’ble Chairperson Dr. (Mrs) Amita Chauhan ma’am for constantly motivating the students and teachers to excel in all their endeavours.

Some glimpses of the artistic, creative and useful things made by our young artists:-

through song & dance

Music and dance is the strongest form of magic, that speak when words fail. Amitasha students have mastered the art of weaving musical magic through their mellifluous renditions, they present on different occasions as Annual Day, Sports Day and special ceremonies. Their dance performances too resonate with a myriad emotions. Such creative avenues give the students a chance to explore their potential and discover their innate talents.

through theatre

When Amitasha children discover their inner voice, it can be heard out loud and clear in their plays. Creating awareness on various social issues through theatrical presentations, Amitasha students serve as responsible citizens. Putting up street plays at Darshan Samiti and Gandhi Smriti, the students have managed to make their voices heard by everyone. The students also put up plays during different functions held at other schools of Amity group. Apart from spreading social messages, participation in theatre helps students hone their oratory skills, whilst developing confidence and public speaking skills.

through art

Art encourages children to think, develop skills and learn to paint their emotions as they go. Keeping in mind the role art can play in helping a child express himself, great emphasis is laid on art. Children colour the canvas with their ambitions as they take part in several intra school, inter school and inter-NGO painting competitions. These competitions along with honing artistic skills, also give budding picassos and artistic maestros a platform to showcase their talent.