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Report on Well-being Program

The seeds of success in every nation on Earth are best planted in women and children

With the blessings of our Chairperson Ma'am Dr.(Mrs.) Amita Chauhan, Amitasha organised a Well-being Program for Amitasha girls on 'The National Girl child Day’ on 24th January,2023 at Amity International School, Noida 44. The National Girl Child Day is celebrated in India every year on January 24. The day is celebrated with an objective to provide support and opportunities to the girls.

With the mission of fostering inner happiness and personality enhancement this Well -being program was thoughtfully crafted for Amitasha girls to facilitate enhanced learning experience.

The bright students of Amitasha got this wonderful opportunity to learn from Dr. (Ms.) Ekta Sibal, a Globally Renowned Gifted Energy Healer, an International Meditation Guru and award-winning India's #1 Inner- self Transformation Specialist. She works closely in the Mental Health and Well-being space and has for over a decade been teaching meditation across the Globe. The guest speaker Dr. Ekta Sibal deeply impacted the girls with interesting stories and facts on physical and Mental Hygiene, connecting them with student’s real life experiences.

The points that ware emphasized upon were: - Learn to become self-aware so that they can imbibe the right habits in their life. - Understand the importance of the 6 habits that will bring physical and mental hygiene in their life. - Experience the power of connecting to inner-self to empower oneself and become an exceptional student and human being.

Ms. Anita Satia, Senior Consultant, HR and Training; Ms. Nivedita Verma,Vice Principal Amity International School Noida; Ms .Raina Krishnatry ,Principal Amity ;Ms. Gunjan Singh, Associate Director Amitasha: Dr. Manorma Saxena ,Academic coordinators, Amitasha; Ms. Swaraj Pachauri, Coordinator Amitasha Noida and teachers of Amitasha also attended the session.

Overall, the Well-Being Program was an extremely fruitful experience for Amitasha girls. The Honorable Chairperson, Dr.(Mrs.) Amita Chauhan applauded the sincere efforts of the students and the team in making the program a great success and also wished Happy National Girl Child Day to Amitasha Girls.


Under the guidance of our Chairperson Dr.(Mrs.) Amita Chauhan, a ‘Self Defence’ workshop in collaboration with Delhi Police was organised on 9th,November ,2022 for Amitasha girls . It is said that ‘Self-Defense is the best form of defense’ considering the current scenario prevailing in the society.

The Associate Director Gunjan Singh welcomed Head constable Amita Kumari, constable Pooja Sharma, constable Arti Yadav and entrusted them with the task of empowering the young girls.

The girls of Classes III-VII participated with lots of enthusiasm and verve. The trainers explained the meaning of self-defense. The trainers highlighted the fact that self-defense is more of a mindset than a set of techniques. They sensitized the youngsters about ‘The good touch’ and ‘The bad touch’. They were told to be sensitive to body language, gestures and behaviour,even of the people they know. The students were taught about use of loud voice in trouble and how to alert others. The workshop encompassed stratergies like ‘Hand to hand combat’- that is confrontation between two or more people. Where ,when and how to hit if necessary was explained to them .Use of hands ,elbow, fist and legs was demonstrated. Counter attack, temple attack hammer attack etc. was also demonstrated.

The Workshop ended on a high note with the team sharing the information about the Delhi Police Safety Application- Himmat Plus and other emergency numbers. Booklets were distributed explaining the same.

Retail Training Program

Amitasha is committed to building the futures of its students. Devaang Sibal conceptualized and developed a retail training program in 2015 to provide vocational training to the students at Amitasha. Devaang realized that there is a huge demand for a female workforce in India’s retail sector through his work at SSIPL, Nike’s Strategic partner in India. This ongoing program is aimed to equip the girls with a repository of skills that is relevant to the retail industry and that would give them an edge in acquiring jobs in the retail sector in India.

photographic skills

Amitasha’s spirit of capturing the world was beautifully exhibited in a meticulously crafted photography workshop, where the students learnt to capture the world with their camera. The two part workshop introduced students to the fundamentals of photography. An amalgamation of theoretical knowledge and hands-on learning, the workshop saw students brainstorm on conceptual photography and give shape to their concepts with splendid pictures. The workshop culminated in a special edition of The Global Times, Amity’s student newspaper, where every visual printed in the edition was clicked by Amitasha students.

hospitality basics

At Amitasha, learning is not just confined to books. Taking learning beyond the classroom, a special workshop on hotel management was organised. The workshop gave students a brush with the hospitality industry, as they learnt the nuances of the field like how tables are laid at restaurants, the art of napkin folding, attending phone calls, the art of preparing beds etc. The comprehensive workshop also entailed a culinary class, where students learnt to make sandwiches, pizzas, fried eggs and the like from expert chefs. Through expert guidance and practical learning, the students were acquainted with a probable career option.

Swiss bonds

To give students an insight into a culture other than their own, a oneof- its-kind workshop was organised in association with the Swiss Embassy. The workshop gave the students a sneak peek into Swiss culture and traditions. Students got a chance to know about life of people in Switzerland and understand some of the best practices followed in the country. As a part of the workshop, students also learnt the art of baking Swiss breads from Swiss chefs.

global perspectives

At Amitasha, it is our constant endeavour to nurture global citizens, who understand and appreciate other cultures. Global workshops, exchange programmes and international competitions offer Amitasha students a window to the world. These events provide students an opportunity to get a glimpse of other countries, understand issues that afflict people in other parts of the world, and acquaint themselves with other cultures.

new vistas of knowledge

With an aim to ensure that students learn beyond their books, educational visits are organised on a routine basis. Students are taken on excursions to monuments of historical significance such as India Gate, Qutub Minar etc along with organisations, wildlife parks and many others. In addition, recreation visits are organised to places like Children’s park, Worlds of Wonder etc to provide the much needed break from academics.

global leaders

Amitasha students have been a regular participant in Model United Nations conferences, organised at various levels as intra-school, inter-school and also international. MUN is a simulation of United Nations where students take on the role of delegates of various countries and discuss global issues that affect the world at large. Participation in such events has enabled the students to interact with students from other states and countries, thereby expanding their horizons. Debating and discussing issues of global significance fosters diplomacy skills along with creating global leaders who view the world as one family.


Understanding the role of educators in the education process, special workshops for teachers are organised on a regular basis. These workshops lay special emphasis on innovative teaching methods to ensure that the teachers are abreast with new age teaching methodologies. A special programme was developed for Amitasha teachers to motivate students to deliver better results in day-today classroom teaching. This programme received the People’s Choice Award for Best Video at Edu Innovators Programme, Philadelphia, USA.

scientific temperament

In addition to academics, special emphasis is laid on developing scientific temperament, logical reasoning and mathematical skills in children. Students are encouraged to participate in competitions like Mathamity, Vasudha, Geomaty and several other competitions that helps them develop creativity in Science and Math and think out-ofthe box.