Educational trip

Under the guidance of the Honorable Chairperson, Dr.(Mrs) Amita Chauhan, students of Amitasha were given the opportunity to visit the Heritage Transport Museum for an educational trip. The visit took place on 13th May 2023, with a total of 120 students from Amitasha Gurugram sectors 43 and 46, accompanied by their teachers.

The museum is located at Bilaspur - Taoru Road, off NH 8, in Bilaspur Chowk, Tauru, Haryana. The students thoroughly enjoyed the visit and had the chance to explore the various exhibits and displays at the Heritage Transport Museum.

The museum showcases a rich collection of heritage transportation artifacts, providing a unique learning experience for the students. It serves as an initiative by Amitasha to expose students to the wider world of knowledge, combining education with fun and excitement.

During the visit, the students had the opportunity to have meals at the museum's cafeteria, adding to their overall enjoyment. The trip was a perfect blend of learning and entertainment, leaving the students with lasting memories.

Overall, the visit to the Heritage Transport Museum was a remarkable experience for the students of Amitasha Gurugram. It provided them with an enriching educational exposure while also allowing them to have a great time.

This initiative by Amitasha reflects their commitment to holistic development and nurturing well-rounded individuals. We express our gratitude to Dr. (Mrs )Amita Chauhan for her guidance and support for this memorable trip.


Under the guidance of Honourable Chairperson Dr (Mrs.) Amita Chauhan, the students of Amitasha got the opportunity to witness a breath taking festival of light show organised at the Swiss Embassy in New Delhi on 29th October, 2022. The evening began with a question and answer session with His Excellency Dr Ralf Heckner, Ambassador of Switzerland, the Ambassador’s spouse Dr Ilaria Macconi Heckner and Mr Gerry Hofstetter, visual artist.The students of Amitasha also actively participated in the Q & A.

The light shows which were visible only in the high latitude countries like Finland, Greenland and Alaska were beautifully brought to the lawns of Swiss Embassy by the wonderful light artist Mr Gerry Hofstetter. His work was a unique combination of technical expertise and universal symbolism. The light art projection coincided with Diwali- the festival of lights. The students of Amitasha throughly enjoyed this spectacular show.

There was also a dance performance by the troupe of Diya Naidu ( an Indian contemporary dancer). Amitasha students were overwhelmed by this extraordinary immersive and aesthetic show. They actively participated and danced with the troupe.

The girls also got a chance to interact with Mr Simon Schaefer, Head of Culture, Human Security and Legal Affairs. Mr. Simon gave a life Mantra in form of a poem to the girls which was promptly reciprocated by the girls in form of another poem on hard work and dedication. They got a chance to click lots of photographs with Mr. Schaefer and of the embassy and it’s environs. The evening was indeed enlightening as the students were able to experience the spectacular cross cultural experience.