Student's testimonial

Everybody has a dream and I am no different. I want to become a doctor and help the poor and needy. I am confident that Amitasha is the medium through which I can fulfill my dream because here every day is a new learning with ample love, care and attention. At Amitasha, I see myself getting a step closer to my dream every day, every hour, every second.

Diksha Gupta, VIII

It’s often difficult to find happiness while studying, but studying at Amitasha is different. Here, I found happiness in studying. I aspire to become a lawyer and fight for girl child rights and it can only be fulfilled here. I have also imbibed good values and etiquettes at Amitasha. My heartfelt thanks to Chairperson Ma’am for guiding me to be a good and responsible citizen.

Kumkum, X

School is a temple of learning and my school Amitasha is a temple where learning has no boundaries and there are always new horizons for learning and skill development. It helps us excel in academics and extracurricular both. We get a chance to participate in events such as Annual Day, Sports Day, Vasudha, Mathamity and AIMUN, which makes us more confident.

Megha Arya, IX

A good teacher is a prized possession for a student and at Amitasha, I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded by exemplary teachers. It is because of their guidance and assistance that I have learnt computer, art and craft etc. They encourage us to think, explore and experiment. My teachers have inspired me too to become a teacher.

Vinita Pal, X

I can’t imagine how my life would have been, had it not been for Amitasha. It is a ray of hope not just for me, but every girl of my age, studying in this school. Amitasha has given us an opportunity to learn and explore in life. I find myself a stronger girl, all because of the confidence that Amitasha has instilled in me. Today, I am not scared of having an opinion and sharing it with others.

Sanskriti, IX

Chairperson ma’am is a huge inspiration in my life. It’s only because of her vision that underprivileged girls like me are able to receive education at par with the one available to any other privileged child. Amitasha has given me the confidence to dream big and become an achiever in life which otherwise I wouldn’t have even thought of. I can’t thank Amitasha enough.

Anjali, X

I am proud to be an Amitasha student. With Amitasha, I have transformed into a completely new personality. I have understood the significance of good education, teachers and environment in life. The teachers here are always there to guide us. We share our problems with them and they are always there to solve them. We get the right direction to achieve our goals in life.

Tanisha, VIII

For me, Amitasha is a home away from home. From being provided milk, fruits, biscuits for good health to The Global Times newspaper for enhancing my reading skills; it has given me everything. It is a place where I am being well taken care of. I dream of becoming an air hostess and all thanks to the kind of exposure I get here in school, it seems to be achieveable.

Vandana, VIII