Student's testimonial

“Dreams made possible by Amitasha” I extend my heartfelt gratitude to our esteemed Chairperson ma'am and my teachers for granting me the subjects I desired to pursue my dreams. Their dedication in imparting the best knowledge is commendable. My ambition is to become a CA and support the underprivileged. With utmost confidence, I believe that Amitasha is the platform that will lead me to realize my aspirations. Every day here brings new opportunities for learning, filled with abundant love, care, and attention.


(Class X – Batch 2022-23)

“Dreams made possible by Amitasha” My journey has been enriching, surrounded by diverse people and invaluable lessons. Grateful to my teachers and mentors who supported me in achieving my goals. The experience has been truly wonderful, leaving me with a treasure trove of memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Deepali Sarkar

(Class X – Batch 2022-23)

“Dreams made possible by Amitasha” My journey of education began at Amitasha, under the guidance and care of our beloved Chairperson ma'am. I've realized that education is not only about acquiring facts but also about becoming responsible and disciplined individuals. With determination, I will soar high and show the world that girls from underprivileged backgrounds can achieve greatness. Dear Chairperson ma'am, your love, support, and encouragement mean the world to me. I am deeply grateful and humbly bow my head in appreciation to you.

Isha Das

(Class X – Batch of 2022-23)

“Dreams made possible by Amitasha” Amitasha’s support has had a profound impact on my life, allowing me to pursue a quality education and achieve my dreams.
Having spent 12 years here, I take immense pride in being a part of Amity now. At Amitasha, we had numerous opportunities to engage in various activities. Thanks to the dedicated teachers and the guidance of respected Chairperson Mam, I passed my 12th class with excellent marks.
Once again, I wholeheartedly thank Amitasha for its invaluable support. Your contribution serves as a beacon of hope, and I cannot thank you enough for your kind assistance.

Khushboo Gautam

(Class XII – Batch 2022-23)

“Dreams made possible by Amitasha” Having spent 12 years at Amitasha Noida, I can assert that it is not just an excellent educational institution, but also a hub for overall development. Here, we receive a well-rounded education and engage in various enriching activities. I consider myself privileged to be a part of this school, where education is revered as a form of worship. Amitasha fosters a culture of equality, where everyone is treated with equal rights and there is no discrimination. I take immense pride in being associated with Amity and its values.

Mansi Karnatak

(Class XII – Batch 2022-23)

“Dreams made possible by Amitasha” I am immensely grateful to Chairperson ma'am for making my dream a reality by giving me the opportunity to be a part of Amitasha, which has become my second home. The relationships I've built with my classmates and teachers have been truly special. Amitasha has been an incredible experience, especially since I got the chance to pursue the Science stream, bringing me closer to my dream of becoming a doctor. My aspiration is to provide free healthcare to the underprivileged once I achieve my goal.
Thank you, Chairperson ma'am, for paving the way to my future aspirations.

Priti Kumari

(Class XII – Batch 2022-23)

“Dreams made possible by Amitasha” A heartfelt gratitude to Amitasha Foundation for granting me the chance to receive exceptional education. Beyond academics, Amitasha has nurtured my talents in arts and sports, instilling values that go beyond the classroom. Throughout my 13-year journey, I've come to understand that no other school could have shaped me with such depth and richness.

Diksha Gupta

(Class XII – 2022-23 Batch)