Industry Speak

Amity Greater Noida campus has a large number of career streams and these options are probably one of the differentiators from other educational institutions. There is a commitment here to bring in infrastructure and to put in investments to grow research. The management here is very professional, very committed, extremely humble and down to earth; and the students have an excellent potential
Mr. Rajiv Sachdeva

Vice-President - Technical IBM

I had a wonderful experience. The kind of research you are doing is really amazing. Seeing the progress, I can say that if I were a student and had the choice, I would study here. Really amazing Professors here! Very passionate, very committed and very dedicated to bring the students to a level which is at par with the International level
Mr. Rajiv Arora

Director - DPE
Microsoft - India

The recruitment numbers have continuously gone up year on year, indicating that the performance of students in the recruitment process has been continuously improving. The students were found to be articulate and are able to express themselves well. The training performance has been good overall and has been steadily going up year on year
Mr. Sudhir Mishra

E Schooling Hiring - Lead Infosys Limited

It was a great experience to visit your campus. The student quality was good not only in terms of academic knowledge but also in terms of their personality and grooming. We look forward to having a mutually beneficial and long-term relationship in future
Ms. Neha Bajaj

Manager - North Wipro Technologies