Amity Centre of Excellence for Oceanography (ACEO)

The ‘blue economy’ is nascent in Mauritius and there are lots of potential in making it a sector of growth in the near future. It offers a vision of the ocean and coasts as a new source of economic growth, job creation and investment. Viewed narrowly, this could simply mean the beginning of a new and intensified phase of conventional economic activity.

ACEO is proposing to provide a common consultative platform to all researchers from academics, industry and specialized private sector firms that have a deep research interest, further education and training program in areas such as: Fisheries & Aquaculture, Renewable Ocean Energy, Seaports and Shipping, Seabed Exploration and Minerals, Marine Biotechnology, Research and Development, Sustainable Tourism.

The aims of the ACEO are to:
  • strengthen academia-industry partnerships through effective collaborative research, training and education designed to bridge the knowledge gaps
  • Design and introduce innovative industry relevant programmes
  • Build capacity to reinforce the skills and competencies in anticipation of needs in the oceanographic sector both in Mauritius and Africa or the Indian Ocean Rim region.

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