Internal Examination of BALLB (Hons)

  • The college follows a semester system in which the examinations are conducted twice a year as per the academic calendar of the university. The odd semester begins in August and ends in December and the even semester begins in January and ends in May. The external examination is conducted by IP University for 75 marks. The internal exams are conducted by the college for 25 marks. Total marks in a subject are 100.
  • Internal examinations are held as per the academic calendar of ALS, Delhi that is in consonance with the academic calendar issued by the IP University.
  • Internal examinations are conducted twice in every semester. The first internal exams are out of 50 marks and the second internal exams are for 100 marks. These marks are scaled down to a component of 5 marks and 10 marks respectively. The exams are conducted in the months of September and November for odd semesters while for the even semester’s examination are conducted in the months of February and April.
  • Internal exams are conducted according to the syllabus covered in class lectures which is approximately 1-1.5 units for 1st internals and the full syllabus for the second internals.
  • Apart from the already mentioned assessment methods, students are expected to prepare a project report in every subject (which is for 5 marks). The topics are assigned by the subject teacherin the beginning of every semester. The assessment of the project is done on the basis of viva-voce, which is also for 5 marks. The viva voce assessment also takes into account the class participation and regularity of the student in attending classes.
  • The internal examinations are strictly based according to IP University’s pattern and serve as mock examinations for the students. In order to equip the students with better understanding of the university pattern, previous years question papers are available in the ALSD Library.
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