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Introduction to ALS-Delhi Library

Library is the soul of any educational institute and plays a significant role in all learning activities, more so in the learning of law. The library is located on the ground floor of F-1 block of Amity Campus. It is spacious enough to cater not only to existing needs but also accommodate resources and services for future requirements. There is a continuous effort to update and add to our study material resources. Our collections and Library development policy is not constrained by any impediment. Our study resources include choicest publications of reference books, law reports, digests, encyclopedias, manuals, journals and the like. The law school also subscribes to online databases such as Westlaw India, SCC online and Manupatra.com.

The Amity Law School library has a collection of 10116 books(purchased, complimentary & ICRC Publication) and 5964 bound volumes of journals and reports as on 9th June 2015 (Total Volumes 16080).In addition to this library receives more than 109 journals and magazines and 6 national newspapers apart from one newspaper published by Amity Group of Institutions (The Global Times) on regular basis. The library is following open access facility to all students, faculty and visitors. ALS library maintains records of number of books issued per day to students/ faculty. Books/journals sent for Xerox per day. From the other universities and institutes researchers visits the library for reference of their research work. Library has a capacity of 200 students at a time. All the latest magazine, journals and reports are displayed in the front side of the library for the use/information of faculty and students. The bound back volumes of journals are also provided to the faculty and students. The library follows the open access system wherein the students can access the books they want to refer directly from the shelves.

Books are arranged systematically, subject wise in the shelves in the following manner: All shelves are numbered from 1 to 53 in the book section and 1 to 36 in the journal section. Appropriate labels are given on the shelves indicating the various subjects/ topics. In the journal section bound volumes are arranged in alphabetical order. The library has a computerized database from which one can trace any book with the help of library staff / librarian. It has an air-conditioned periodical/book section.

The library is equipped with adequate staff to give necessary guidance and assistance to the students.

Library Timings

The Library timings are from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. It is open on all working days i.e. Mon to Friday (five days).

Member's Privileges

LL.B (H)/LL M 2 Books for 7 days
Faculty 5 Books for 15 days

Applicable for Students only

The fine of Rs. 2/- per day will be charged for 7 days and Rs. 10/- after 7days of books returned after due date.


Lending Services

Lending services are available to students as per their entitlement. Circulation timings are from 9:00 AM to 5 PM on weekdays. Items like thesis, dissertations, periodicals, magazines, newspapers and bound volumes and CD’s cannot be issued .They can only be used as references.

Reference Services

Library provides service for the reference also. Students and faculty members can use any kind of references like articles, cases and newspapers etc.

Internet Services

The Law School provides facilities for accessing Internet & Library’s E-resources from within the Campus 146 computers are available for this purpose; initially the service is available for LL. B (H) and Research Scholars only.

Photocopy Services

The photocopy service for the students and faculty member is available next to the Library. They can Xerox library material in the college Premises.


Recommended Books

Law School library also provide the facility to recommend books through e-mail mentioned below. libraryals@amity.edu

Recommended Journals

Law school Library provides the facility to recommend journals through e-mail mentioned below.


  1. WestlawIndia
  2. Manupatra.com
  3. Scconline.com
  4. 67 CD’s and DVD’s
  5. Digitized version of Journal of ILI
  6. Digitized version of Annual Survey of Indian Law
  7. 8+140 National & International Online Journals (source: WestlawIndia)
  8. 31 e-books on various law subjects (source: Manupatra.com)


Developing Library Network (DETNET)

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For any further detail please contact

Dr. Chiranji Lal(MLIS,M Phil., Ph. D in LIS and BGL)
Deputy Librarian, Amity Law School-Delhi
Emai - libraryals@amity.edu
Phone - 120-4392326

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