Research Activities

The Law School is actively involved in conducting research activities both for the faculty and the students. The faculty members have been regularly participating in the Refresher Courses conducted by various universities. In this semester, two of our faculty members have been relieved to participate in the said course. Our faculty members have been participating in seminars/workshops/ paper presentations /diploma courses to upgrade their subject knowledge. During 2011-12, they have participated/presented papers in more than 70 seminars/conferences. The students have also been participating in various research activities conducted by various law schools/universities in India and abroad.

The college has been conducting Legal Writing & Research Methodology course work for the final year students in 9th and 10th Semesters. Experts from other universities have been actively involved in training the students for research publications. Our efforts in this conducting this course has been fruitful as many of our final year students have been successful in getting their paper published in leading magazines and journals.

The students have also been trained to present seminar papers by defending their synopsis of their dissertation topics before a panel of internal faculty members. This has been very helpful to the students those who have later on joined corporate law firms in their final placement. Currently, we have introduced a system of Board Viva for the fourth year students to train them for their external viva in final year. This viva is not just restricted to the projects submitted by them but they are evaluated on their conceptual clarity about the subjects taught during semester. This will make the students confident in taking their end semester examination as well as facing panelists for viva in future.


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