Amity Law School is a distinct microcosmic institution epitomising a composite multi-dimensional and multi-national amalgamation of students and faculty members. It is a legal institution par excellence and a hub of legal studies. Since its inception in 2013, it has been growing by leaps and bounds.

The law school is endowed with excellent faculty members and top class infrastructure which is conducive for higher learnings. The case-study method of teaching law is pursued here; the school does not depend on latest edition books as the case materials of LL.B. and LL.M. are revised by the faculty members every semester with dedication, and are circulated among students. In addition to the same, the school has a rich library with print and e-resources.

The faculty members have diversified knowledge and ample experience. Professors from other universities visit the school, deliver lectures to the students and share their experiences. We have also signed memorandums of understanding (MoUs) with the top most universities like Peperdine University, California (USA). Teaching of law has to be socially relevant, technically advanced and needs to concentrate on newer remunerative branches such as Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs), Insurance Negotiations, Information Technology laws relating to wealth generation like finances including taxation. The Amity Law School caters to all of these.


The faculty members of the school have been pioneers in developing best practices for Intellectual Property Law, Environmental Law and Human Rights Law. We believe that learning does not end in the class room; windows have to be kept wide open to invite different perspectives and expertise from diverse sources and practitioners. National and international seminars, conferences and workshops are organised regularly. Model United Nations, moot court competitions, debates, group discussions, client counselling competitions are regular features at Amity Law School. Our aim is to equip students with skills necessary for providing good governance in a democratic setup and outshine in all aspects of life.


To establish one of the best law schools, not only in India but in the world, which is committed to develop overall personality of students by making them excellent legal professionals so that they become instrumental in social development and in eradicating social evils in the society. The broad mission of ALS is to amalgamate harmonised academic activities juxtaposed with a myriad of personality progression events shaped with percipience, the sinew of students and the society. The focus is on learning via an analytical and discerning process, critical examination of all aspects and promotion of creativity and originality. The prime objective of the law school is to provide an invigorating conducive environment for developing propensities towards analytical thinking, creative and intellectual ability, ingenuity and innovativeness.



The vision of Amity Law School is to be the centre of excellence in legal profession; to develop students with analytical and creative and original thinking skills and hone their judgement and decision making ability, so that they become an asset to the society and the nation.

Strength of the Institution

The strength of ALS is that it contributes exponentially towards making the learning experience inimitably transcendent in its consecrated portals. It aims for the holistic growth and development of the students with special emphasis on professional sophistication and value system, in conformity with our noble traditions of legal system. We believe that learning does not stop in the class room, we keep the windows of knowledge wide open to think out of the box. Life of law is not logic, but experience. Towards the end, we call/invite speakers of excellence from top notch universities to share their experience with our students to help our students become professionally tall.


Rankings and Recognition

All LL.B programmes are duly recognized by Bar Council of India (BCI).

All LL.B & LL.M programmes are Approved by UGC.