05 Jun 2020-07 Jun 2020|Mumbai

MOODLE-Learning Management Systems - 2

Amity School of Engineering and Technology



FDP on “MOODLE-Learning Management Systems”

Speaker: Meghanand Anantrao Bhamare, Yogesh Jadhav

5th June – 7th June 2020


General Introduction

Learning Management System is now integral part of academic institutions. When it comes to using LMS there are several misconceptions in the mind of user about utilization. There are small institutions who may not want to invest in LMS citing to costing and managing issue. This FDP primarily focused on using MOODLE which is open source LMS used widely across globe. Event was attended by nearly 80 participants and most of them performed hands on during the sessions. Attendance, Feedback and Certificate was completely managed by MOODLE itself for the event. In the end of FDP, participants appeared for the quiz of 30 min which was based on FDP content and certificates were awarded to those who cleared it with 40% credit.

Objective of the Event

  • Reaching out to schools as well as junior colleges who are still unaware about Learning Management System.
  • To motivate participants for the use of Learning Management System
  • Make aware about MOODLE which is open source platform as there are many small institutions who do not want to invest anything for LMS.
  • Provide hands on training on open source hosting platform to the user starting from administration to end user.
  • Make participant capable not only to use MOODLE for individual but also manage it for entire organization if required.

Envisaged Vs Achieved Outcomes


Envisaged Outcome

Is the outcome tangible or intangible?*

Achieved Outcome

Remarks, if any



To clear misconceptions about LMS



Participants got information about open source LMS which can be used without any organizational support




Able to create own hosting MOODLE platform


Participants created own open source MOODLE hosting platform



Able to design courses and perform several activities as a teacher


Participants were able to create and manage their own courses



Able to manage own hosting site as an administrator


Participants were able to manage their own site




  1. Actionable Progressive Outcomes

Outcomes requiring prolonged monitoring are as under:


Envisaged Outcome


Outcome activity yet to be achieved


Is the outcome tangible or intangible?*

Action plan to achieve the Outcome activity described in column “(b)”


Target Date




Remarks, if any


















(*) – Tangible outcomes should have a specific target date. Intangible outcomes need not have a specific target date.

Some of the Photos of the event are as below.