05 Jun 2020-|Mumbai

Webinar on “Enhancement in Properties of Metal Using Mechanical Nanostructuring Methods.”

Amity School of Engineering and Technology



Webinar on “Enhancement in Properties of Metal Using Mechanical Nanostructuring Methods.”

Speaker: Dr. Babak Omranpour. Tallin University of Technology, Estonia

5th Jun 2020

General Introduction

Speaker, Dr. Babak Omranpour has delivered a very informative session on “Enhancement in Properties of Metal Using Mechanical Nanostructuring Methods”. He presented many ways of material synthesis where Mechanical Nanostructuring methods can be applied to get enhancement in properties of material. The event was conducted on 5th Jun 2020 with 100 participants from all over India.

Material Synthesis has vital role to manipulate its characteristics so that materials can exhibit required characteristics for energy carriers/Hydrogen storage. This can be achieved using Mechanical Nanostructuring methods. Dr. Babak Omranpour is the best person to introduce these nanostructuring methods. He is Research Scientist at Tallin University of Technology, Estonia. He received a fellowship to work on Mechanical Nanostructuring methods at Nuevo Leon State University, Mexico. He has done lot of research in the field and published 10 plus articles. It was beneficial for audience to get the knowledge about advanced techniques used for material synthesis. The session was full of knowledge. Almost, one hundred participants were present in webinar from various top ranked universities like IIT Bombay.


Objective of the Event

To get awareness of Mechanical Nanostructuring Methods to enhance properties of metal and how this technology can be helpful in energy applications.

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To bridge the gap between knowledge and action.



Participants got information and knowledge regarding application of Mechanical Nanostructuring Methods. These methods can enhance properties of Metal. Future of Mechanical nanostructuring methods in energy materials applications:

• Future of energy carriers/Hydrogen storage materials.

• Transition towards clean energy and adaptivity of renewable energy sources.

• Tribology and wear technology.








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 Some of the Photos of the event are as below.

Welcome to Dr. Babak Omranpour.

Mechanical Nanostructuring Methods.

Set-up for High Pressure Torsional Extrusion(HPTE).

Applications of Mechanical Nanostructuring Methods.