Leadership - ASET

Prof. (Dr.) Shrikant Charhate I/c Director, Amity School of Engineering and Technology, Pro Vice-Chancellor and
I/c Dean Academics
Amity School of Engineering and Technology (ASET) and Amity Institute of Technology (AIT) are among the top engineering schools in the country providing quality technical education in various fields of Engineering.

With moto of research and innovation driven organization we, at ASET and AIT create such an environment for our students where they learn every angle of technology, we also believe in holistic approach by making our students to progress in all the facets of life. Our mission is imparting technical knowledge with difference. The curriculum designed is industry oriented wherein students learn all the facets of technology through activity-based learning, an experiential learning. The state-of-the-art laboratories and centres of excellence create an atmosphere where students are willing to spend quality time to learn many practical aspects.

We at Amity not only train students to become a successful technocrat but also enrich them with a skill of allied education of their interest by offering minor tracks in any of the discipline they are passionate about. We at Amity Mumbai nurture students by offering foreign languages to be competent enough in the world’s best atmosphere. Behavioural Sciences inculcate the habits of immense responsible citizen of the globe and learn ethics in all the fields.

Trough project-based learning, innovation and research centres, students build themselves to be a part of changing technology worldwide.

Further to our efforts to interact and partner in the curriculum delivery, Amity University MUMBAI collaborated with TATA Technologies to run Aeronautical Engineering and Automobile Engineering programs. At AIT, faculty from industries teach industry ready curriculum with world class competency centres and hands on practice.

With the globalization of economy, there are immense opportunities for scientist-engineers. Engineers must therefore pursue and enhance their engineering career, to realize the opportunities challenged by the globalized world. To keep this in mind a unique program of 3 Continent is also offered by ASET, students complete their credits in India, the U.K and the USA. Students are groomed with the happenings around the world through these types of programs and learn the technology change during this period.

Our Institute will provide you an environment where you can develop various skill sets and mould yourself to be competent in the engineering field and to serve the society as well.

This Institute has been playing a pivotal role in shaping the careers of aspiring students through creation of generations of thinkers & dreamers of tomorrow. The environment of learning in this campus is conducive to developing a technically strong community with high ethical and moral values