Amity School of Communication is a premier mass communication institute under the Amity Universe umbrella which offers professional courses at under-graduate and post graduate level. It has over 1700 students on its rolls. Supreme emphasis is laid in the institution on providing the most modern and sophisticated learning environment coupled with rich Indian heritage, value system and sanskars.

Amity School of Communication is a place where passion meets conviction. It is a place where a student attains theoretical and practical journalistic maturity develops intellectually and personally into an able individual having a broad worldview.

The guiding principle of amity is: "Where modernity blends with tradition". The teaching methodology is contemporary to keep the students and the staff abreast with the ever-changing scenario in the educational arena and media scenario, with a fine blend of traditional Indian ethics and value systems. Tradition gives us ethics and values and Modernity gives us opportunity to apply those values to move ahead and make our mark.

The academic and cultural activities at Amity backed by the latest infrastructure provide a platform where all students come together and explore individual and group talents and resources. The faculty and management possess a high degree of integrity and knowledge that help students develop into efficient and effective human beings. Hence we say: "We nurture talent"

In today's competitive scenario, quality education has become a power that is a must for all institutions. Unparalleled performance, both in the field of academics and corporate engagements, defines Amity School of Communication (ASCO). Established in 1999, the School has witnessed rapid growth in terms of infrastructure, faculty, placement and performance. The institute can boast of an ultra-modern HD television studio and a community radio station run by the students.

The institute derives its inspiration from the philosophy of its Founder President Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan. It aims to imbibe among the neo-leadership of the Indian Media industry, a blended approach of western educational techniques in a most high tech campus with the indigenous traditions so as to meet successfully the challenges of the modern day communication scenario.

The ASCO family boasts of a highly accomplished faculty. In addition to being strikingly erudite, the faculty is also greatly approachable. The department's strong commitment to quality teaching and research has earned its faculty and graduate students numerous teaching awards and a ranking as one of the top communication programs in the nation.

The students are able to go beyond classroom learning- they possess a high level of connection with each other and the faculty, which makes them different. Students gain practical knowledge and heighten their communicative skills. Amity School of Communication strives to prepare undergraduate and graduate students to be critically engaged citizens. Our program of study develops students' theoretical, technological, and rhetorical skills needed to achieve their professional and personal goals. Moreover, the interdisciplinary nature of our department reflects the complexity of a world facing challenges best addressed by skilled communicators.

With the fast changing education scenario, when students prefer elite institutes, Amity School of Communication has been growing rapidly. Giving a perfectly balanced learning environment, some of the popular programs of ASCO are Masters in Marketing and Advertising Management, Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication, Masters in Public Relations and Event Management and Masters in Business Administration (Media Management), Bachelors in Journalism and Mass Communication, Bachelors in Journalism & Mass Communication (3-continent), and Bachelors in Journalism & Mass Communication (International).

The studio of ASCO is unmatched, with state-of-art facilities where a student can exercise their creative freedom boundlessly, giving learning a new meaning. We explore communication in its many forms and contexts as a fundamentally social phenomenon. The department is ever bustling with a variety of events, guest lectures, workshops, seminars and debates.

The School has a good linkage with the Media world and a great number of the students work with the industry to gain on-job experience before joining the profession. ASCO meets the needs of students to be wise consumers of media, managers of information and responsible producers of their ideas using the powerful multimedia tools of a global media culture. In nutshell, Amity School of Communication banks upon, "Education by Values and Values by Education." It strives to achieve excellence with greater impact through global orientation, creativity, innovation and collaboration techniques.