Ph. D Scholars

List of Doctorates (2017-2022) Degrees Awarded

S.No. Name Year of Passing Topic of Research Guide/External Guide
1 Dr. Shahi Shaika 2021 Bhand Pather: An Ethnograpic Study Of The Indigenous Folk Theatre Form Of Kashmir Dr.Mehak Jonjua
2 Dr. Ankit Kashyap 2020 Deconstructing socio-political dynamics with the evolution of social media in India. Dr.Mehak Jonjua
3 Dr. Malvika Singh 2020 Folk Media and Health Communication in Rural Bihar. Dr.Piyashi Dutta
4 Dr. Umang Gupta 2020 Portrayal of Physical and Mental Illness in Indian Cinema: A thematic analysis”. Dr.Rakesh Prakash
5 Dr. Pritha Dutta 2020 The legend of Bose: Indian Press & Politics (1939-2015) Dr.Kaveri D.Mishra, Dr.Rajdeep Roy
6 Dr. Kalavati Iyer 2020 Crtitical analysis of reach and impact of Community Radio (Jamia Radio & Radio Amity) Dr.Aman Vats
7 Dr. Dhanashree Giri 2019 Analysing the role of mass media in disaster management in India. Dr.Aman Vats, Dr. Vinod Sharma
8 Dr. Abdullah Khan 2019 Corporatization and its impact on Media autonomy:A study of television news (2011-2015) Dr.Aman Vats, Dr. M.Mohibul Haque
9 Dr. Sunday Goodness John 2019 Coverage of environmental issues in Nigerian and Indian News Papers: Emerging trends. Dr.Mehak Jonjua, Dr. Victor Ayedun Aluma
10 Dr.Neetu Singh 2019 Professional status of women journalists in electronic media: A Study in Delhi-NCR Dr.Mehak Jonjua, Dr. Vartika Nanda
11 Dr. Anjani Kumar Srivastava 2019 Corporate Social Responsibility, Communication strategies in Brand Enhancement: A study of six companies in India. Dr.Mehak Jonjua
12 Dr. Gauri Malhotra 2019 3D animated spokes characters as tools of effective message delivery to youth. Dr.Mehak Jonjua, Dr. Aman Vats, Dr.Rajesh Rana
13 Dr. Zakia T.Rahman 2018 Exploring the trends of business patterns, promotional activities and advertisements in Indian perspective. Dr.Aman Vats, Dr. Mamata Mahapatra, Dr. Devesh Kishore
14 Dr. Gauri D.Chakraborty 2018 Portrayal of emancipated female “Other Half” in Cinema of the city in Bollywood post economic liberalization. Dr. Aman Vats, Dr. Sarvesh Dutt Tripathi
15 Dr. Dharmendra Kumar 2018 Influence of cartoon networks on school students. Dr. Aman Vats, Dr. Mahendra Kr. Padhy
16 Dr. Aditi Saxena 2018 Emoticon and textual Utterances on Facebook Dr. Aman Vats, Dr. Sakshi Mehrotra, Dr. Pradeep Nair
17 Dr. Jyoti Singh Ahlawat 2018 All India Radio in the age of Infotainment :Challenges of Content Dr.Shruti Singh, Dr. Surbhi Dahiya
18 Dr. Amaresh Jha 2018 Media advocacy in RTI: challenges, threat and the ways ahead. Dr.Aman Vats, Dr.Umakant Mishra
19 Dr. Priya Handa 2018 New patterns in brand communication and the role of facebook-an empirical study. Dr.Mamta Mahapatra, Dr.Anubhuti Yadav
20 Dr.  Ruhi Lal 2017 Effectiveness of Lifestyle Advertisement on Television for Brand success among youth of Delhi NCR Region Dr. Aman Vats
21 Dr. Tasha Singh Parihar 2017 Role of Social Networking sites in developing socio cultural and educational ethos in Delhi. Dr. Nirupama Prakash

Full Time Scholars

S.No Batch Enrollment No Name Of Scholar Ph.D.Guide External Co-Guide Topic of Research
2019-2022 Full-Time A2021719001 Mr. Zeeshan Ali Dr. Anshu Arora Prof(Dr)Tapan Mohanty Mediatization of Religion on Youth in UP
2020-2023 Full time A2021720001 Ms. Saima Pervez Dr. Piyashi Dutta Dr. Tasha Singh Parihar Role of Social Media in Cancer Awareness . A study of women cancer survivors.
2020-2023 Full-Time A2021720003 Ms. Manju Yadav Dr. Mehak Jonuja Dr.Uma Shanker Pandey Trolling of Indian Journalists on Twitter: A study of implications on personal-professional behavior and response
July 2021 Batch
2021-2024 Full-time A2021721002 Mansi Singh Dr.Ruhi Lal In Process User generated Content for brand positioning on Social Media
2021-2024 Full-time A2021721003 Shweta Katyal Dr. Ruhi Lal In Process Use of Child Influencer by brand through Embedded Advertising
January 2022 Batch
2022-2025Full-time A2021722001 Ms. Radhika Dr. Ruhi Lal In Process Role of Digital Marketing in Lean branding
2022-2025Full time A2021722002 Naorem Lilina Devi Dr. Jolly Jose In Process Impact of Communication strategies used by the State Government for the development of the Anal Naga tribe of Manipur
2022-2025Full time A2021722003 Aarushi Singh Dr. Jolly Jose In Process Role of Media in the Spiritual progression of Youth
July 2022 Batch
2022-2025 Full time A2021722004 Kajal Sharma Dr.Zakia T.Rahman In Process New Scholar
2022-2025 Full time A2021722005 Mr.Amit Kumar Agrahari Dr. Ashima Singh In Process New Scholar
Jan 2023 Batch
2023-26 Full Time A2021723001 Mr.Veenu Bajaj Dr.Ashima Singh In Process New Scholar
Part Time Scholars
2015-2018 (January) A2021815001 Ms. Sonam Mahajan Dr.Anshu Arora Dr.Surbhi Dahiya Role of TV Advertising in enhancing political literacy.
2015-2018 (July) A2021815008 Mr. Pulkit Jain Dr. Rajdeep Roy Dr. Gauri Shankar Raina Designing Characters for Predicting Success of a Hindi Movie
2017-2021 (July) A2021817002 Mr Ram Kinkar Singh Dr. Rakesh Prakash Dr. Vartika Nanda  Influence of reality based crime shows on adolescent viewers of Delhi-NCR
2017-2021Part Time A2021817001 Ms. Sangita Thakur Dr. Jolly Jose P.Vigneshwara Ilavarasan Not present for last two DRC
2019-2023 Part-Time A2021819003 Ms. Nipunika Shahid Dr. Ruhi Lal Prof. (Dr.) Mukesh Kumar Ethical Journalistic Practices in Political reporting in Hindi TV News in India
2020-2024 Part-Time A2021820001 Ms. Madhumita Deb Dr. Rakesh Prakash Dr. Akansha Shukla Examining Gender Representation in Contemporary Indian Advertsing Commercials
2020-2023Full time Converted to Part Time A2021720002 Ms. Kamna Kandpal Dr. Piyashi Dutta Dr.P.Sasikala Maternal Health Communication-A study of ASHA Workers
2020-2024 Part-Time A2021820002 Ms. Neha Mishra Dr. Rakesh Prakash Dr. Raj Kishore Patra Role of Corporate India in achieving sustainable development goals.
2020-2024 Part-Time A2021820003 Ms. Devika Mehta Dr. Ujjawal Chandra Das Dr.Uma Shankar Pandey Implications of Artificial Intelligence on Indian News Media: Challenges and opportunities
2020-2024 Part-Time A2021820005 Mr. Akshat Chopra Dr. Mehak Jonjua Dr.Tapan.R.Mohanty Public Sector Undertakings & Reputation Management: Analyzing role of effectiveness of corporate communication in building brand equity.
January 2021 Batch
2021-2025 Part-Time A2021821001 Ms. Roma Dr. Jolly Jose Dr.Tasha Singh Parihar A Comparative Study among the college students of rural and urban Bihar
2021-2025 Part-Time A2021821002 Mr. Nitin Mane Dr. Ruhi Lal Dr.Satyabrata Rout Chhau dance and its utility in Actor Training.
2021-2024 Full-Time Converted to Part Time A2021721001 Ms. Deepika Dhawan Dr. Mehak Jonjua Prof (Dr) Keyoor Purani Instagram Stories and FB Walls: Role of Social Media Influencers in Classical Conditioning in India.
July 2021 Batch
2021-2025Part time A2021821003 Neha Singh Dr. Anshu Arora In Process Advertising Strategies by brands using visual storytelling
2021-2025 Part Time A2021821005 Prachi Arora Dr.Mehak Jonjua Dr. Pawan Koundal Representation of transgender bodies in bollywood movies-analysis of Hindi Cinema for the period 1947-2021
2021-2025 Part Time A2021821006 Amala T.Chacko Dr.Jolly Jose Dr.Pradeep Krishnatray Community health practices among tribal clusters of high range Kerala.
January 2022 Batch
2022-2026Part time A2021822001 Manish Sehrawat Dr. Mehak Jonjua In Process Conceptual documentary photography: Understanding role of feminism in creating identities and changing perception.
January 2023 Batch
2023-27 Part Time A2021823001 Joyona Medhi Dr.Priya Sachdeva In Process New Scholar
2023-27 Part Time A2021823002 Somnath Sen Dr.Rakesh Prakash In Process New Scholar