Established in 2011, Amity Business School (ABS) is one of the Premier Institutions in the field of Management studies that imparts knowledge to foster innovative leaders with strong ethical values. Our Undergraduate programs are BBA and B.COM and Postgraduate Program viz MBA is the most sought- after courses by students. The Doctoral Program in Management has also received great response from industry and academia. The focus of Management programs is to make each graduate industry-ready and expose them to the latest trends in the dynamic business world as well as providing them the facilities of the best business schools in the country.

The faculty of the institute comprises experts and professionals who have excelled in their respective areas of work. Amity Business School (ABS) has become synonymous with talent, commitment and wisdom and focuses on developing a new cadre of professionals with a global outlook. At ABS, future managers also develop a global perspective on social, political, economic and legal environments prevailing across the world.

Strengths of Amity Business School

Training and Consultancy:

Amity Business School creates a dynamic learning environment through training and consultancy programmes. Covering diverse business domains, the initiatives provide practical insights aligned with industry demands. Collaborating strategically with industry leaders ensures the modules' relevance, reflecting the school's commitment to nurturing well-rounded, industry-ready professionals for success in a rapidly evolving corporate landscape.

Industry Linkages:

Establishing robust industry linkages, Amity Business School seamlessly integrates academia with practical realities. Through strategic partnerships and collaborations, industry leaders actively engage with students, sharing insights, and shaping curricula to meet evolving business needs. Internship and placement programs further solidify these linkages, providing students with invaluable real-world experiences.

Infrastructure Facilities:

Facilities at the institution include state-of-the-art lecture theatres and classrooms, well-equipped libraries, modern auditorium and seminar halls, cafeteria, and playgrounds. The campus provides a conducive environment for holistic learning, fostering academic excellence and personal development.

Ted Talks:

Distinguished TED Talks hosted by Amity Business School offers insightful perspectives on business, innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership. These engaging sessions empower students with thought-provoking ideas, enriching their academic journey and encouraging critical thinking in the dynamic world of business and management.

Amity Journal of Management:

Amity Business School publishes a bi-annual, peer-reviewed, referred, and Open Access Journal named “Amity Journal of Management”. Amity Journal of Management (Print ISSN: 2347-1832 Online ISSN: 2581-5261), is indexed at International Sociological Association (ISA), Indian Citation Index, J-GATE, Ulrich’s International Periodicals Directory, and Cabell’s Directory. Journal completed ten years of publication with twenty issues of Amity Journal of Management on various sub-titles related to business, commerce, and Management.