Prof. (Dr.) Anil VashishtPro Vice Chancellor
Officiating Vice Chancellor
Director, Amity Business School
Amity University Madhya Pradesh

I am glad to introduce you to Amity Business School (ABS), Amity University Madhya Pradesh - one of the top management institutes in the country. Carrying forward Amity University's legacy of excellence in management education, we wish to reaffirm our aim of providing high-quality academic programmes, action-oriented research, consultancy and training.

Amity Business School designs and delivers quality programs which equip students for a career across several functional domains of management. It aims to help the students imbibe strong conceptual and practical skills to manage businesses in an integrated and sustainable manner and to be ahead in a fast-paced world..

We believe that learning should be an enjoyable process that allows students to zero-in on their goals and nurture their aspirations. It should provide them with constant support and the required academic knowledge to help them achieve these targets. Education at Amity Business School is primarily based on three powerful concepts which are creation of knowledge, dissemination of knowledge and application of knowledge.

The institution believes in a well-rounded and all-pervasive student experience to maximize learning opportunities. To achieve this, the institution ensures that the course structure is designed in such a manner that it enables the students to hone their managerial skills and get them acquainted with the new developments taking place in the industry. The institute has constantly endeavored to increase its collaboration with frontline global business schools, which strengthen its global outreach and learning initiative, providing students with an exposure to the world of commerce, business and trade extending beyond national borders. Amity Business School also offers Management Development Programmes in different functional and cross-functional areas of management, blending conceptual resources with global best practices.

With nationally-acclaimed faculty members actively involved in the pursuit of disseminating knowledge, leadership learning events, industry collaborations, summer internships and others, we welcome the students to enjoy the campus experience and classroom challenges while receiving ample opportunities to develop their personalities, confidence and networking capabilities, paving the way for their overall career transformation.

I wish you the very best in all your future learning and professional and personal growth initiatives!