26 Oct 2023|Gwalior

Entrepreneurship and Innovation as Career Opportunity

 As a part of the initiative of the Ministry of Education, Innovation Cell (Government of India) Institution's Innovation Council, Amity Business School, AUMP organized a workshop on Entrepreneurship and Innovation as a Career Opportunity.

Workshop on 26th October 2023.
 The objectives of the workshop were
1.  To make the students aware of the importance of Entrepreneurship and innovation.
2. To develop an understanding of the importance of innovation in becoming a successful entrepreneur.
3. To develop Practical entrepreneurial skills & knowledge.
Dr. Shaifali Garg, Associate Professor, Amity Business School, Amity University Madhya Pradesh gave the welcome address and spoke about the significance of entrepreneurship as a career opportunity.
The resource person for the workshop – Dr. Vivek Gupta, Assistant Professor, Amity Business School, Amity University Madhya Pradesh.
At the outset, the students were welcomed and made aware of the objective of the workshop and the initiatives of the Innovation Cell (Ministry of Education, GoI).
 The important aspects covered by the speaker during the workshop were
1. The concept of Entrepreneurship
2. The concept and importance of innovation
3. Reasons for growth of entrepreneurship and innovation 
4. Characteristics of a successful entrepreneur
?      Hard Work
?      Desire for High Achievement
?      Highly Optimistic
?      Independence
?      Foresight
?      Innovative
5. The charm of being an entrepreneur
?      Opportunity to Create One’s Own Destiny
?      Opportunity to Make a Difference
?      Opportunity to Reach One’s Full Potential
?      Opportunity to Reap Impressive Profits
?      Opportunity to Contribute to Society
?      Opportunity to Do What One Enjoys 
6. Entrepreneurial functions and difficulties 
Take away:
  1. Understanding of the contribution of entrepreneurs in an economy’s growth
  2. Importance of innovation in changing lives of people
  3. Qualities of a successful entrepreneur
  4. Understanding of the benefits of becoming an entrepreneur.
  5. Understanding of the functions of an entrepreneur
  6. Difficulties to be overcome to become a successful entrepreneur
About 65 students attended the workshop. The queries of the students were very well handled by the speaker. The overall feedback of the workshop was very positive.