15 Dec 2023|Gwalior

Field/Exposure Visit to Centre for Agribusiness Incubation and Entrepreneurship, Gwalior

 As a part of the initiative of Ministry of Education, Innovation Cell (Government of India) Institution's Innovation Council, Amity Business School, AUMP organized a Field /Exposure to center for Agribusiness Incubation and Entrepreneurship Gwalior in collaboration with MITS Gwalior.

Aim & Objective of the visit:
MBA students got an exposure about the importance of an agribusiness incubator which connect students to new opportunity for startups, investors and other collaborators. In this visit students understood the activities contains at the incubation center, along with the maker’s space and how its benefits and helps them in exploring the dynamics of entrepreneurship.
Name of the resource person. Aditya Singh ,CEO, CAIE, Gwalior, Dr. Ankit Tiwari, Incubator In charge, MITS Incubation Gwalior M.P ,Dr. Trilok Pratap Singh, Assistant professor, MITS Gwalior. Faculty coordinator: Dr. Shaifali Garg, Associate Professor, Amity Business School & chairperson Amity Innovator incubator, Amity University Gwalior.
Audience: 45 MBA, ABS Students.
The field visit focuses on identify and plan the stages for Pre-Incubation unit, where we actively engaged in nurturing and supporting entrepreneurs where they can support new devoted startup new devoted startup for fostering innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.
During visit, CAIE & MITS Incubation Centre Gwalior gave an overview of different projects and told how we can plan an interaction with different stakeholders for new roles, and operational mechanisms and few highlights as follows
1. Understanding of the contribution of entrepreneurs in an economy’s growth
2. Importance of innovation in changing lives of people
3. Qualities of a successful entrepreneur,
4. Understanding of the benefits of becoming an entrepreneur.
5. Understanding of the functions of an entrepreneur.
Few snapshots of the visit are as follows: