04 Nov 2023|Gwalior


 The Just A Minute (JAM) event, a crucial component of the MBA program, aimed to help students overcome stage fear and enhance their interpersonal skills. It provided an activity-based experience for improving public speaking skills, covering topics relevant to social issues and the business world.

Amity Business School (ABS) successfully organized the "Just A Minute (JAM) - Business Simulation Games" event on Saturday, November 4, 2023. The event was held offline in the seminar hall of Block C at AUMP, and it witnessed enthusiastic participation from one hundred and twenty-two students. 
The "Just A Minute" activity, organized under the guidance of Prof. (Dr.) Anil Vashisht, Pro Vice Chancellor & Director - ABS, Offg Vice Chancellor, and Dr. Rajiv Dwivedi, MBA program coordinator, showcased the personality skills and presentation abilities of MBA students. The activity required students to deliver their thoughts on various topics within one minute and aimed to enhance students' communication, spontaneity, and time management skills, all of which are essential in the field of management.
The resource persons for judging the event were Dr. Ajeet Singh and Dr. Gunjan Dwivedi. The event began with a warm welcome and introductions to the esteemed panelists and faculty members. It included a brief description of the activity, along with a demo to provide participants with a clear understanding of how it would unfold. Participants were given one minute to express their thoughts on various topics. During the event, volunteers organized engaging activities, including tongue twisters and guessing games, to maintain the enthusiasm of the participants. Several participants demonstrated exceptional skills and were recognized for their outstanding performances. Some of the notable participants included:
1.     Abhishek Kumar
2.     Aman Jain
3.     Bhumika Chauhan
4.     Pratiksha Bhadauriya
5.     Jyoti Kumari
The event proved to be a valuable learning experience for both participants and volunteers. Dr. Ajeet and Dr. Gunjan emphasized the importance reading newspapers and staying updated with current information.
At the conclusion of the event, Mr. Brijmohan and Mr. Prasoon extended a heartfelt vote of thanks. Dr. Mini Agrawal and Dr. Nitin Chaturvedi provided feedback to the students and suggested ways for improvement. They also expressed their gratitude for the trust and confidence placed in them and their team.
Event Coordinators:
Dr. Mini Agrawal
Dr. Nitin Chaturvedi