Amity Institute of Behavioural and Allied Sciences was started in the year 2011. The Institute provides undergraduate, postgraduate and Ph.D. programmes. The courses at UG and PG levels are progressively arranged where each course serves as a prerequisite for the forthcoming semester course that creates an effective flow of comprehensive understanding and systematic insight into a different dimension of human behaviour.

The institute offers a variety of courses with professional relevance (e.g. Organizational Psychology, Community Psychology, Sports Psychology, Clinical and Counselling Psychology and many more). The courses are fortified with psychological testing and research methodology which enables the students to acquire professional competence and sensitivity to conduct quality research. The institute also offers an additional course on Applied Psychology. The practical training in each semester has been carefully tailored to enable students to become successful psychology practitioners.


Special emphasis is given on the application of psychology to address real-life issues. The department has a well-equipped psychology laboratory, internet facility and a competent teaching faculty. The department renders behavioural and career counselling. The Institute has an independent Department of Clinical Psychology which provides a 2-year training in M.Phil. in Clinical Psychology, (registered with Rehabilitation Council of India). AIBAS has conducted National and international lectures and workshops on different aspects of psychology. Community mental health programmes are organized by the institute from time to time.

Behavioral Science Training for other Institutes at Amity University

The continuously evolving world tends to bring with it changes, both good and bad. More so, in today’s times, stress is experienced in every walk of life, be it physiological, psychological, economic or otherwise. In the process, we tend to lose touch of our own ‘self’. Understanding our self from within, helps us know who we are, where we are presently, and where are we headed to. We can handle such stress by aligning our thoughts, emotions and behaviours in a meaningful and constructive manner.

The course for the subject of Behavioural Science has been created keeping these factors in mind. It thus helps the students understand themselves, and further guides them in enhancing their self-esteem, emotional intelligence, communication, positive attitude, behavioural adjustment, stress management skills, coping strategies, professional competencies etc.

The course is activity-driven, where discussions and creativity are encouraged. Students maintain a journal keeping an account of all these activities, which acts as a catalyst in their progress. They are also encouraged to participate in social activity projects at group level, under the guidance of their faculty hoping to instil in them a sense of responsibility towards the community. The objective is to create mature, understanding citizens for our nation, who are ready for future challenges.


AIBAS is committed to achieving excellence in undergraduate and graduate education. Our faculty and graduates are expected to be competent and ethical professionals committed to the science of psychology and its application to real-world situations. Our undergraduate program provides a foundation for the scientific understanding of behaviour and mental processes and promotes mental health service. Our M.Phil. program prepares students to become licensed clinical psychologists, school psychology specialists or professional counsellors who provide evidence-based services for children, adults and families in a variety of healthcare and educational settings. Our institute promotes an environment characterized by collaborative learning among its undergraduates, graduate students and faculty members, guided by the core values of our university and professional organizations.


Amity Institute of Behavioural and Allied Sciences at Amity University, Madhya Pradesh, aspires to be a nationally recognized leader in undergraduate and postgraduate education, where undergraduates, postgraduates, and faculty members establish close collaborations to learn the scientific principles of behavioural and mental processes. AIBAS’s strives to make significant contributions to the science and practice of psychology and produces professionals who serve the local, national, and global communities.

Strengths of the institution

  • Departmental library
  • Psychological lab with all required tests and apparatus
  • Faculty affiliated with various associations working in mental health
  • Counselling cell 

Collaborations and trainings/ visits

The institute aims to sign MoU's with various clinical settings for training in the field of mental health

MoU's with clinical and research associations

Linkages with institutions/industries for internship, on-the-job training, project work, sharing of research facilities etc. during the year.        
Nature of linkage Title of the linkage Name of the partnering institution/ industry /research lab with contact details.           Participants     
MoU  Institutions /Industries for Internship        Gajra Raja Medical College, Gwalior 16