Beyond Academics

Amity University is known for its passion and dedication towards making their students not only academically brilliant but also true leaders and achievers in their future journey of life.

Personality Development

Enhancing Confidence

Effective Personality Development Programs equip students to deal with the challenges of the outside world more efficiently and effectively. Skills like problem solving, logical thinking, leadership and communication are highly essential to excel in the professional world.

To continue this legacy the University has included Personality Development as an integral part of curriculum of our university.

The aim of Personality Development Programmes (PDP) is to give students a better perspective of maintaining a balance between preparing themselves before entering into a workplace and knowing themselves.

Classes for Behavioural Science are also conducted by a separate department (Amity Institute of Behavioural Science) in order to enhance interpersonal, intrapersonal and soft skills. This programme plays a vital role in overall personality development of the students.

Military Training

Developing Leadership Skills

A seven-day compulsory Military Training Camp, which is an integral part of the personality development module at Amity, aims to develop qualities like leadership, discipline and teamwork. During the camp, students participate in activities such as parasailing, trekking, and shooting amongst others which help in testing their mental and physical agility.

Foreign Languages

Providing Linguistic Advantage

In Studies have demonstrated that learning foreign languages better prepares students to live and work in a global society.

No matter what career students enter, they will be interacting with others around the world on a routine basis and doing business with those whose native language is not English.

To provide students with an international advantage, Amity has integrated foreign language courses into its curriculum. Students can choose one or more of the world languages including French, German, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese.

Grooming for Interview

Boosting Career Prospects

An important part of course curriculum is preparing students to not just face interviews and group discussions with confidence but succeed in the same to the best of their abilities.

The training for the same covers key aspects of preparation, dress for success, winning the body language and non-verbal game, answering difficult questions, refreshing business etiquette, as well as aspects like winning the group discussion and extempore speaking with confidence.

The methodology followed is by presentation and discussion of techniques for gaining competitive edge, practice of public speaking and group discussion techniques and individual attention through mock interviews.

Values & Ethics

101 Attributes of an Amitian

A booklet called 101 Attributes of Amitians is given as a part of induction to all students admitted to Amity University Chhattisgarh which emphasises on values like Truthfulness, Honesty, Loyalty, Discipline and Respect. Practicing these values and living by ethics is an integral part of life at Amity.

Amity Code of Conduct is displayed all over the campus and Behavioural Science is taught to all the students of all the courses throughout the University. These classes also include community service and giving back to the society.


Giving Expert Personal & Professional Advice

At Amity, we offer expert counselling and professional advice to help students deal with exam stress better and concentrate well on their studies in order to build successful careers. We have trained counsellors who are available to help the students understand and overcome their problems, be it health, emotional or related to academics.

Our faculty is also highly approachable. They are trained to decide whether a student needs to seek professional counselling and advise the same.

Mentor Mentee System

Guidance On Each Step

The objective of Amity’s unique concept called Mentor-Mentee program is to recognise the potential of students and help them boost their self- confidence. The students are encouraged to discuss and share their problems and difficulties, which maybe both personal and academic. The mentor can, by this way keep a track of the students' progress.

Each faculty member is assigned a group of 5-6 students who are with the assigned faculty till the time they pass out of the university. The assigned faculty member counsels them on their academic and personal concerns as and when required, and thereby builds a strong bond with each of its group students.