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At Amity, you as a student will find the most conducive atmosphere for dynamic and focused learning.

At Amity, teaching is highly practical and industry-focussed as it is evolved through constant interaction with leading professionals while our placement cell will help you find your dream placement. In an environment-friendly campus, you will be mentored by a distinguished faculty and meet brightest minds from across the country as your classmates.
You will be encouraged to participate not only in all indoor activities but also in events organised by other Institutions of national repute.

At an Amity campus, you will experience features of excellence in every aspect.

The vision behind this Student’s Section is to provide a single platform to the students to get all the information (mandatory & relevant). This section is regularly updated and you are advised to follow the section on a regular basis.

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Students Clubs

The cultural clubs in Amity University Chhattisgarh impart training to hone professional and leadership skills through various extra-curricular activities. The overwhelming appreciation and support from the students and faculty inspired cultural clubs to organize meaningful activities to harness potential of students. The cultural activities are based on hands-on activities that help in improving intellectual, professional and communication skills of students. Backed by rich experience of experiential learning and excellent communication skills through club activities, students look forward to forge relations during corporate interactions and meetings. The extra-curricular activities provide a supportive and interdisciplinary learning to students to develop communication and leadership skills and boost confidence and personal growth.

Formed by the Architecture students, the club aimed to improve interaction, coordination, understanding and building team spirit, art and aesthetics. It has vertical group formation, thus having students of all semesters in one group. As many as seven groups have been formed so far namely Nirman, Nirman Shilp, Antarit, Vastu Vidya, Anukriti, Sthapatya and Rachana. Headed by an individual co-ordinator, the club organizes different activities and in-house competitions. These activities impart value education, enhance personality and sensitise students about rich cultural values and heritage of India.  The club provides an opportunity to express creativity and innovation with resources available to students. The club activities entail research work to advance students’ knowledge and skills.

The club is a value addition to enhance the personality and bring in sensitivity towards the rich cultural values and heritage that we have. Architectural professional practice is a combination of art, science and management. These types of forums provide an opportunity to students to express their creativity and also they learn to manage within the limited resources. Another advantage is that before the activity students undertake research work which is again a value and knowledge addition.

Recently students documented village MATH , which is adjacent to the University and also submitted proposals for enhancing the quality of social and economical life along with conventional solution for houses based on climate and sustainability under the concept of -TRANSFORMING THE VILLAGE INTO A SMART VILLAGE.


The formation of the club Dharohar is the initiative of day scholars. Chhattisgarh is rich in culture and is unexplored. Objective of this club is to explore different places of importance for a student of architecture and also to understand its cultural heritage. There are many archaeological sites and temples in the state. Students wish to collaborate with ministry of Tourism and Cultural Ministry and also wish to contribute for the documentation work of important sites.

Recently students explored “BUDHA TALAB”’ a heritage site in old part of Raipur city on 27th April 2019. The activity also focused on the evolution and adaptation of Budha Talab by different generations and ages from the Kalchuri period to contemporary time. Students understood how city and its culture adapts and modifies precincts according to the time.


Amity School of Engineering and Technology & Amity Institute of Information Technology has formed a student’s club, named, Symbian. The motto of the club is ‘learning through participation’. The students participate in various events in house as well as national level. Students participate in events like human values quarter for inculcating values, ethics and socially responsible qualities such as blood donation camp, visit to old age homes, spastic children home & orphanages etc.