Centre of Excellences

Center of Excellence on RPA Technologies (In association with)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is among the eight technologies identified by NASSCOM which are poised to grow tremendously, both nationally and globally, in the coming decade. CoE on RPA is supported by Automation Anywhere Inc. USA, and UiPath, both are the leaders in Robotic Process Automation and RPA is not only opening multi-billion dollar opportunities for Indian enterprises and creating lakhs of job opportunities which did not exist until recently, but also leading a big push for the country’s rich engineering talent pool. A Center of Excellence (CoE) is essentially the way to embed RPA deeply and effectively into the organization, and to redistribute accumulated knowledge and resources across future deployments. Under this “Center of Excellence” on RPA Technologies, AAI & UiPath will cover exclusive Software support to carry out collaborative research and to skill up AUC students to cater the industrial need of skilled professional on RPA/Automation Technologies

Center of Excellence on Tribal Development

The thrust areas covered under CoE on Tribal Development are: Action research based meaningful sector identification and formation of inclusive policy for the growth and development of the tribal people; To bridge the gap between Tribal Society and mainstream social disconnect; Undertaking pathbreaking primary research- based for policy intervention for the upliftment and holistic development of the tribal Society; To find the scope of bottom-up approach of development amidst the cocoon of the tribal community.

Center of Excellence on Ayurveda

Centre of Excellence in Ayurvedic medicine and research with a vision of putting together the knowledge and skill of the most eminent faculty and researchers in Ayurveda to formulate and design the most precise and targeted Ayurveda.

The centre leads research into efficacy mechanisms involved in Ayurvedic therapeutics as well as develop standardisation protocols and certification systems to help traditional medicines gain global acceptability. The ongoing research efforts leads to identify active compounds in medicinal plants and herbal formulations, their molecular targets and pathways to discover potential new therapeutic uses for them.

Center of Excellence on IPR

The Center of Excellence on IPR at Amity University Chhattisgarh provides a basic knowledge of geographical indication, IPR, patent concepts and procedure of filling the patents at national & international level. The IPR Cell also advices to researcher about trade mark, Copyrights Brand name, etc. the IPR Cell provides also a platform to share and discuss the latest development and applications with practical exposure & it helpful for local innovators including faculty members, students and research scholars.

Center of Excellence on Gender Studies

Amity University Chhattisgarh established ‘The Center of Excellence for Gender Studies’ with a view to contribute towards Gender Equality for Gender Inclusive Growth.

Some of the thrust areas identified include (not limited to): Social Issues (Women & Child Health; Gender based Violence; Sexual Harassment; Women Empowerment), Economic Issues (Financial Inclusion; Women Entrepreneurship; Gender & leadership Issues) etc.