25 Jun 2021|Gwalior

Entrepreneurship: a Zeal, a Mind-Set

 On 25th June 2021 between 11:30AM to 12:45PM, Amity Institute of Pharmacy (AIP), Amity University Madhya Pradesh(AUMP) had organized a seminar on the topic “Entrepreneurship: a Zeal, a Mind-Set”. The seminar was coordinated by Mrs. Monika Kaushik, Assistant Professor, AIP, AUMP. Opening Remarks of the session was given by Lt. General V. K. Sharma AVSM, Honorable Vice Chancellor, Amity University, Madhya Pradesh. The guest speaker of the seminar was Mr. Hari Om Sharma who is the – Managing Director- Chemsynth Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Limited, New Delhi, and Executive DirectorAlchemist Chemsynth Pharma Pvt. Limited, New Delhi.

Mr. Hari Om Sharma had initiated the session by emphasizing on the Entrepreneurship and entrepreneur in today’s world, explaining the difference between an entrepreneur and a common man, discussing his personal success story, failure story, up- downs and future plans. Mr. Hari Om Sharma provided the basic information about Pharma industry global foot prints, present situation of Pharma industry and future forecast. He had also discussed in detail about the key skills required to develop as an entrepreneur. He had also discussed on how to become a successful entrepreneur and explain the different attributes (team building, enthusiasm, good communication skills, faith) of entrepreneurship in detail. He gave an overview of Pharma industry and explained the Pharma market evolution.
There were total 421 of registrations for the event and out of which 214 participants attended the event. After the presentation by the guest speaker the talk was followed by question and answer session. The vote of thanks was given by the Mrs. Monika Kaushik. The concluding remark of the session was given by Respected Lt. General V. K. Sharma AVSM, Honorable Vice Chancellor Sir and Pro-Vice Chancellor Sir, Prof. Dr. M. P. Kaushik
The event was supported by Director AIP Dr. A.N. Nagappa and Deputy Director AIP Dr. S. Mohanalakshmi. The seminar onEntrepreneurship: a Zeal, a Mind-Set was appreciated by all the participants.
Note: Please find YouTube URL and recording Link of seminar given below: https://youtu.be/_gl-NlukxAg