Infrastructure & Facilities

The Institute has established well equipped Laboratories for different streams like Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Immunology, Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Plant tissue culture, Animal cell culture, Bioprocess Technology, Plant Sciences, Animal Sciences, and Bioinformatics. We have all basic and advanced instruments related to all programme offered by Institute.

S. No. Name of the laboratory Facilities/Infrastructure
1 Microbiology Laminar air flow, ELISA plate reader,Spectrophotometer, Autoclave, Microscope, Incubator and shaker,Centrifuge, -20 and -80Freezer
2 Biochemistry ELISA plate reader, Spectrophotometer, Autoclave, Microscope, Incubatorand shaker, SDS PAGE, Sonicator
3 Molecular Biology & RDT Cooling centrifuge,Electrophoresis assembly, PCR, Gel documentation system, -20 and -80 Freezer
4 Plant biotechnology Plant tissue culture facility, PCR, Gel documentation system Green house,Autoclave, Centrifuge, -20 and -80 Freezer
5 Animal Tissue culture Laminar air flow, CO2 incubator,Filtration Unit, Autoclave, ELISA plate reader,CO2 cylinder,
6 Immunology ELISA plate reader, Centrifuge, Microscope
7 Bioprocess Technology Bioreactor, Laminar air flow,Incubator, Filtration Unit, Autoclave,Sonicator, Microtiter plate reader,Rota vapor, Centrifuge
8 Computational biology/Bioinformatics More than 30 desktopwith internet connectivity
9 Botany Facilities to perform basic experiment relatedin Physiology, Anatomy and Biochemical studies
10 Zoology Facilities to perform basic experiment relatedin Physiology and Anatomyand Biochemical studies

Amity Institute of Biotechnology has smart air-conditioned Lecture theatre, equipped with audio-visual facilities for presentations. The classrooms provide the most conducive atmosphere for effective learning.


Amity Institute of Biotechnology has well-equipped laboratories with state-of-art instrumentation facility to carry out research. The laboratory infrastructure provides focused research training to budding professionals and trains them as per the growing needs of biotech industries for biotechnology professionals.

Computer Lab

Well-equipped computer lab with latest software imparting knowledge in most hi-tech environment.