Prof. (Dr.) Vikas Shrivastava Head of Institute – AIB (Officiating)

We, the team AIB, are committed to conducting the latest academic and R&D programs that produce talented and professional undergraduates, postgraduates and Doctorates who will become future leaders in the frontier areas of biotechnology and allied fields.

Biotechnology has emerged as a major discipline with a multidisciplinary approach through the integration of basic and applied sciences, namely, Zoology, Botany, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computers to understand and solve the problems related to human health, environment, and Industry. Allied branches of biotechnology such as genetic engineering, agriculture biotechnology, biochemistry, Microbiology, post-harvest technologies, animal husbandry, material science, environment, energy, biosensors, nanobiotechnology etc, provide a wide scope of career opportunities for youngsters to mould their future and make a successful career in Biotechnology. The academic programs of AIB are well integrated with Research & Development.

High-quality research work is being carried out at AIB in frontier areas like bioremediation, nanobiotechnology, environmental biotechnology, microbial and molecular genetics, natural products, etc. AIB provides quality education to empower talented and balanced humane young minds with the required theoretical and technical knowledge that is necessary to take on the challenges offered in the highly competitive field of biotechnology.

I wish all the best to the Students and Alumni of AIB for a successful life !