29 Feb 2020|Gwalior

Amity University Madhya Pradesh Organizes Convocation 2020

Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Lt. Gen. V. K. Sharma Presenting the Annual Report of Amity University Madhya Pradesh

Amity University Madhya Pradesh organized its First Convocation Ceremony on Saturday, 29 February 2020. Approximate 2000 persons (to include alumni, students, parents and guests) were seated in the Convocation Plaza, which gave a magnificent look; and was jam packed. The formal ceremony began with the arrival of the Academic Procession that was led by the Pipe Band of 25 Pipers. The University flag was carried by Mr Sharad Iyer of B.Tech (Biotechnology), Semester VIII. He was followed by Mr Shubham Kapoor, an alumnus of Amity School of Engineering & Technology, who carried the AUMP Alumni Flag. Behind him were proud members of the AUMP Alumni Association. The Registrar, Mr Rajesh Jain, led the senior members of faculty, members of University’s Statutory Bodies and Senior Officials of the Amity Education Group. They were followed by the Vice Chancellor, who was accompanied by recipients of Honorary Professorship Col R Balasubramanian, Senior Advocate of Supreme Court of India and Mr Sanjay Singh, Communication of Development Specialist, UNICEF Office of MP. Following them was Hon’ble Chancellor & Chairman, Amity University Madhya Pradesh, Dr Aseem Chauhan Ji, who was accompanied by Dr A K Singh, Distinguished Scientist and Director General-Life Science, DRDO Govt of India the recipient of Doctor of Science (Honoris Causa)

The proceedings on the dais commenced with lighting of the lamp of knowledge & wisdom and Saraswati Vandana. Then, the Hon’ble Chancellor & Chairman Dr Aseem Chauan, declared the Convocation 2020 open.

Over 1963 graduands of various programmes from the class of 2013 to the class of 2019, including Engineering & Technology, Management, Biotechnology, Architecture, Journalism and Mass Communication, Law, Fashion Technology and other domains received their UG, PG and Doctoral degrees during the First Convocation 2020. 70 Gold Medals, 70 Silver Medals and 67 Bronze Medals were bestowed on the top rankers. 16 students were awarded PhDs, 14 students were awarded Best All Round Performance awards for the years 2018 and 2019 and 14 students were felicitated with Shri Baljit Shastri Awards for the years 2018 and 2019 at the convocation.

In his address Lt Gen V.K. Sharma, AVSM (Retd), Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Amity University Madhya Pradesh informed the gathering about the achievements of faculty and students. He assured the audience that the march of AUMP on the path to excellence continues as our commitment to pursuit of excellence is unconditional and total. The Hon’bale Vice Chancellor called upon the graduands to be a lifelong learner and to learn new processes, technologies and from the renowned people in their respective fields. He opined that the students are the new generation of professionals equipped with immense knowledge and capabilities so they must exhibit high morals in professional and personal lives to build a strong nation.

In his address to the august gathering, Dr. Aseem Chauhan, Hon’ble Chancellor & Chairman, Amity University Madhya Pradesh said that it’s a historical day and a joyous moment to celebrate the saga of success of a young university. He confirmed his belief that Amitians are going to change the world in future with behavioural, technical and soft skills being taught to them at AUMP. The Hon’ble Chancellor & Chairman urged the graduands to be grateful to all the people who have contributed to their growth and success. He gave a formula of GREAT to the graduands for being successful in their lives, G – Global thinking beyond regional boundaries, R – Resilience, grit and strength to bounce back from the ground, E – Entrepreneurial thinking, taking calculated risks and innovating at every step, A – Adapt to change and T – Technology like AI and data science to be used in life. Expressing his hope for the future generations, The Chancellor & Chairman said that India is going to be one of the front ranking nations in the world and the students have ample opportunities as Amitians to contribute to nation building.

On this occasion an eminent Scientist, Dr A. K. Singh, DS & DG (Life Sciences), DRDO, Govt of India was conferred with Doctor of Science, Honoris Causa, by Hon’ble Chancellor & Chairman, AUMP, Dr Aseem Chauhan. 

While expressing his gratitude to the University for bestowing honour upon him, Dr A. K. Singh, DS & DG (Life Sciences), DRDO, Govt of India congratulated the graduands, their parents and family members for being a part of such a glorious occasion. Motivating the graduands, he asserted that technologies like AI, IoT and Healthcare are the future trends in the growth of any organization. He further asserted that there is no end to gathering knowledge. The students should always keep learning because learning will give inner strength.

Col R Balasubramanian VSM (Retd), Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India and Shri Sanjay Singh, Communication for Development Specialist, UNICEF, Office for M.P were conferred upon Honorary Professorship Degrees in Law and Social Development respectively.

In his acceptance speech Col R Balasubramanian, VSM (Retd), Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India expressed his gratitude for the Honorary Professorship and told the students that whatever they have learnt at Amity, they will radiate that energy to the whole world. He also congratulated the graduands for their achievement.

Accepting the honour Mr Sanjay Singh expressed his wish to work in collaboration with Amity University Madhya Pradesh in setting up Kailash Satyarthi Center for Child Rights & Development at the University and said that he was proud to be a part of this momentous celebration.

Also gracing the occasion were Ms Divya Chauhan, Hon’ble Chairperson, Amity Art Foundation, Hon’ble Shri Ajay Chauhan Ji, Trustee, RBEF, Miss Samaya Chauhan, Miss Samara Chauhan, Master Adhiraj Chauhan, Master Aryavardhan Chauhan, Dr RM Sharma, Principal Chief Advisor to Founder President, Dr (Mrs) Balvinder Shukla, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, AUUP, Dr W Selvamurthy, Hon’ble Chancellor, AUC and President, ASTIF, Shri Rakesh Jain, Sr Vice President, Construction, Amity Education Group, Dr J Girish, Vice President, RBEF, Prof (Dr) GK Aseri, Provost, AUR, Dr PS Sali, Director (Academics), Amity Education Group, members of the University’s statutory bodies and other guests from Amity Education Group.

The first Convocation at Amity University Madhya Pradesh was a grand event of celebration and glory, a memorable event in the life of graduands who went down the memory lane along with their parents and family members. The Amitians will always cherish the exhilarating moments of reunion with the classmates and the time spent at their Alma mater. The graduands from UG, PG and Doctorate programmes, donned in beautiful robes and scarves were a mesmerizing sight to behold. 

As a custom, the Amity Alumni Flag was handed over to the student representative of next batch by Mr Shuham Kapoor to Mr Harshit Agrawal, an alumnus of Amity Institute of Biotechnology. Following this, the Convocation 2020 of Amity University Madhya Pradesh was declared closed by the Hon’ble Chancellor & Chairman AUMP, Dr Aseem Chauhan. 

After the main Convocation Ceremony, the degrees were distributed to the following five different venues of the University:-

Students of ASET and AIB – Main Convocation Stage

Students of ABS – Auditorium, Academic Block ‘B’

Students of ALS and ASFDT – Moot Court, Academic Block ‘B’

Students of ASCO– ASCO Studio, Academic Block ‘B’

Students of ASAP and AIBAS – Seminar Hall, Academic Block ‘C’


The whole event was a cherish moment of all graduands & their parents and it was a great success. 



Hon’ble Chancellor & Chairman Dr. Aseem Chauhan with the Awardees of Gold Medal, All Round Performance Award and Shri Baljeet Shastri Award

Conferment of the Degree of Doctor of Science, Honoris Causa upon Dr. Ajay Kumar Singh, Distinguished Scientist and Director General Life Sciences, DRDO

Conferment of Honorary Professorship Upon Shri Sanjay Singh

Conferment of Honorary Professorship upon Col. R. Balasubramanian, VSM (Retd.)

Hon’ble Chancellor & Chairman Blessing the Alumni and Addressing the Gathering

Conferment of the Degrees of Doctor of Philosophy upon Research Scholars

Hon’ble Chancellor & Chairman Dr. Aseem Chauhan with the Students of AIB who won the Wipro Earthian Award for their Model

Hon’ble Chancellor & Chairman Dr. Aseem Chauhan, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor and Pro Vice Chancellor with the Alumni of AUMP