03 Apr 2019|Gwalior

Amity School of Communication, Amity University Madhya Pradesh and Amity School of Engineering & Technology, Amity University Madhya Pradesh Organized a One Day Workshop on Internet Governance on 3rd April 2019

Mr. Samiran Gupta, Head of India – ICANN, New Delhi, India interaction with students

Internet governance is an important policy and governance issue that gets attention at the international level. It raises the crucial issue of how the Internet is governed sustainably as a global resource, on how Critical Internet resources such as domain names, IP address needs to be allocated, and on how global DNS infrastructure including Root Server needs to be managed. Cyberspace is regarded by many as global commons and has been recognized as the fifth domain. While attempts to improve Internet governance by involving nation-states should be welcome, the important role of the private sector, standards bodies, civil society and academia in the multi-stakeholder approach to governance should be preserved. The A one day Workshop on Internet Governance was conducted on 3rdApril, 2019 which was jointly organized by ASCO and ASET in seminar hall of Block - A, ASET of Amity University Madhya Pradesh. Students from both ASCO and ASET actively participated in this workshop.  The workshop was graced by the presence of Dr. S. C. Jain, Director ASET, Dr. Sumit Narula, Director ASCO, along with the eminent speakers, Mr. Samiran Gupta (Head of India - ICANN), Mr. Manmeet Pal Singh (Vice President - Internet Society, Delhi), Mr. Ashish Agrawal (JantaKaReporter.com), Mr. Abhishek Jain (RustyBlogger.com) - Internet or Digital Marketing for Students, Miss Anjali Wadhwani (LinkedIN.com Expert) Mr. Piyush Dimri (Affiliate Marketing Expert). The eminent speakers talked on various issues related to Internet Governance in India such as Blogging, Content Creation, Internet or Digital marketing, LinkedIn.com, affiliate marketing etc. The workshop created a forum for discourse over this contemporary topic.

Dr. Sumit Narula, Director ASCO delivered his opening remarks and enlightened the participants with the importance of Internet Governance. The first speaker Mr. Manmeet Pal Singh, Vice President of Internet Society, Delhi discussed Internet Governance & Domain names. He explained that Internet Governance plays a vital in national security, unilateral control of the domain, dominance of privileged groups in controlling key assets, non-transparency in the current governance regime. He further added that exclusion of other countries from global governance of the Internet has the potential to harm commercial, economic and security interests of nations in the long run. The second speaker Miss Anjali Wadhwani, LinkedIN.com expert discussed proper use and profile settings as well as proper use of LinkedIn.com for students and how a student can benefit from it. The third speaker was Mr. Samiran Gupta (Head of India - ICANN) who discussed the ICANN & Internet Governance and explained the importance of this platform as a global facility, Net neutrality, ICANN importance in policy making technology and importance of Domain names. The fourth speaker was Mr. Abhishek Jain from RustyBlogger.com who spoke on Internet or Digital Marketing for Students. The Fifth speaker was Mr. Ashish Agrawal (JantaKaReporter.com) who discussed Blogging/ Content creation for students. The sixth speaker was Mr. Piyush Dimri, an Affiliate Marketing Expert who discussed about affiliate marketing for students.

All the invited speakers were presented with mementos at the closing ceremony. A vote of thanks was given by Dr. Sumit Narula, Director ASCO to all the eminent speakers, faculties, participants IT and media for good coverage. The speech ended by explaining the importance of Internet governance issue especially for developing countries. 

Mr. Manmeet Pal Singh Vice President - Internet Society, Delhi delivering his talk on Importance Internet Governance & Domain

Miss Anjali Wadhwani, an LinkedIN.com expert delivering her lecture

Mr. Abhishek Jain, from RustyBlogger.com express his view on new career opportunities in the field of Digital Marketing

Mr. Samiran Gupta, Head of India – ICANN felicitated by Major Gen S C Jain, VSM** (Retd.), Director ASET & Dr. Sumit Narula, Director ASCO