Designing a Primary School

Designing a Primary School

Harshita Gupta and A Gautham from Amity School of Architecture and Planning (ASAP), III year, recently took part in an Architecture Design Competition titled ‘International Primary School by Desire Designing’ organized by the Desired Design (one of the leading and classic interior design companies). The student duo received ‘Honourable Mention’ in top five entries in this contest. Participants were asked to design an international primary school to accommodate as many as 1000 students and 50 staff members. The mandate given to us was that the design of primary school should be creative and easy to implement. Both form and functionality of design were an integral part of the project.

The model was designed with the help of guitar’s plectrum and striker. The concept revolved around open classes for students similar to traditional gurukul or schools in Vedic era.

Designing a primary school having the Indian coastal city as a background inspired us to develop nature-friendly primary school. It also provided us an opportunity to ponder various design approaches to create socially inclusive space.

We developed the school’s model from the plectrum of a guitar. Also, the building blocks were designed in such a way so that all classrooms receive maximum light and wind throughout the day.

Allow easy access to schoolchildren was also our main focus. The navigation in the site facilitates the movement of vehicles without difficulty and hindrance.

The continuous flow of a gentle breeze from the sea constituted the source of ventilation in buildings as well as all classrooms.