Automatic Can Crusher
Anupam Mishra and Sonu Pratap Sharma from ASET (MAE 2013 – 17)

The objective of this project is to design and manufacture an operable programmed can crusher. It works on the theory that it functions without seeking human attention once a can is placed inside the feeder. The major components of the can crusher include combination of pneumatic piston, design in the shape of a striking hammer as well as the automation that is used to control the crusher’s overall mechanism. The proposed model is the improvised effective and rectified automated model. This model can be easily controlled with PSI controller, which can control the air that goes to the crusher. We worked upon the previous research of the Kevin Crusher 11.0. Our plan consisted of a two-way solenoid valve which will have a control valve and a release valve. The control valve will trigger the piston in forward direction and the release valve pull the piston in the backward direction each time when the microcontroller triggers the can crusher to press the can. This project has the capacity to sort water bottles and to stack the container. The machine naturally sorts jars from the jugs in its reuse canister. In this project we used different sensors and tested for first phase of sensors as well as the last phase of sensors, which are located in the storage bin. These sensors are distance measuring sensors.

USP of Automatic Pneumatic Can Crusher:

  • Wooden body design absorbs the system’s vibration.
  • Can detection system will turn on the machine once it ensures the availability of cans.
  • Use of delay timing system ensures safety and the system’s faster application.
  • Less power required for better compression.
  • Air pressure is adjustable through compressor i.e. 90psi to 120psi of pressure will produce the power from 17 pounds to 22 pounds in piston hammer system.
  • Due to proper orientation of the can, it delivers the maximum power which assures better efficiency of the system.
  • Fully automated, hence do not require human attention.
  • Reduce the problem of storage of cans in restaurants or in homes by crushing them into small size.
  • An automatic bucket system is provided with an alarming system, which will warn the user if it gets filled by crushed cans.
  • This machine can be used in homes or industry since the concept is cheaper, portable and efficient.
  • It will reduce or eliminate transportation cost.
  • Automation provides perfect accuracy in crushing, which is essential for recycling.
  • Economical and environment friendly project.