Priyansh Mishra (ASET-CSE, III year 2015-2019)

This project focuses on transforming the educational landscape of rural and urban India. Titled "E-Shiksha", the project provides digital classrooms for students in Classes 4 – 8 covering all major and minor subjects such as English, Hindi, Maths, Environmental Science and so on. E-shiksha provides e-learning through online web and mobile application, including video lectures for Classes 4-8. The course plans also contain innovative animated video lecture on various subjects as well as quiz to assess the knowledge gained through lectures.

Also, we use machine learning so that students can convert their notes into audio and later on listen it at any time. Teachers can upload their reviewed lectures. E-shiksha aims to enhance the quality of education in the country. The portal made learning easy and convenient. Assignment and quiz for self-assessment are an added advantage for students.