A Research Paper on 'Energy Efficiency in Ancient Era'

A Research Paper on 'Energy Efficiency in Ancient Era'

Himani Rathore
Bachelor of Architecture (II Year)

Himani Rathore, an Architecture student, has recently published a research paper on ‘Energy Efficiency in Ancient Era’. It focused on the energy efficient solutions prevalent during ancient times.

The excessive use of artificial ways for heat ventilation and air conditioning were absent in the years of yore.

The paper emphasized thermal comfort system in passive manner. The energy efficiency implies to decrease the amount of energy required to provide thermal comfort in buildings, housing etc.

The paper focused on term ‘Passive Design’ which means a building which functions on natural energy such as sunlight, wind, temperature differences etc. Various passive cooling techniques were termed as effective and efficient ones as they reinforce minimum use of power and provide relief to inhabitants. The objective of this research paper was to find out solutions which were used in the Indian heritage buildings for cooling and why they are termed energy efficient buildings. The researcher concluded that in ancient sites passive cooling techniques helped people immensely. On the contrary, modern buildings lack such techniques; hence, consume huge amount of energy for artificial cooling. The ancient cooling techniques also lent aesthetic appeal to structures. Himani proposed to fix or set jaali and make courtyard for smooth ventilation.