Landscape Documentation

Landscape Documentation at Gwalior A group of students from  Amity School of Architecture and Planning (ASAP) carried out this project under guidance of Assistant Professor Siddharth Mishra and Assistant Professor Manish Chitranshi at Italian Garden in Gwalior.

A group of students from first, second and third year batches of Amity School of Architecture and Planning (ASAP) recently organized a day long landscape workshop on 29th January, 2018, at Italian Garden near Phool Bagh, Gwalior. The Italian style garden that lies adjacent to Palace Grounds has beautiful fountains, cascading water bodies and green spaces.

This workshop was meant to appreciate and understand the importance of heritage gardens and redesign them while retaining their historical flavor and sync them with urban community and structures.

The workshop acquainted participating students with various natural elements that are used to design traditional outdoor spaces. The objective of project was to establish a linkage between nature and the built environment.

Post presentation on landscape design and introduction of Gwalior with respect to Italian Garden, students were divided into below—mentioned six groups-

  • Introduction and Italian Garden compilation (4 students)
  • Urban Sprawl - Road connectivity map (2 students), Photo document (2 students)
  • Mental Map – work for layers overall, soft scape, hard scape and furniture detail through sketches (students 4to 5)
  • Herbarium – (2 students)
  • Activity Mapping – Sketches (5 students)
  • Issues Analysis and Inferences – A group of 5 to 6 students

Introduction team gathered data for macro to micro level of understanding i.e. understanding the importance of Gwalior and Italian Garden through the prism of History. The Urban Sprawl team documented road connectivity map and photo document to understand location and connectivity of the space.

Mental Map team created a detailed plan and location plan to understand relevant elements and layout of heritage garden in a sketch form.

Herbarium team documented the soft scape presented in garden to understand the importance and planting criteria about soft scape.

Activity mapping team recorded all the happening in the garden to understand recent transformation in the garden as a result of urban sprawl.

This practical hands-on workshop covered various practical aspects of interaction between humans and natural surroundings. Students' group grasped ideas to incorporate the flavor of history with recent urban landscape.

This 'learning beyond classrooms' boosted students' confidence in dealing with ground realities while executing plans, team management and decision making to attain objectives of a project.

The workshop entails Introduction (given data to be compiled with photos and extra detail); Italian Garden (introduction, history, importance of connectivity of the site); Urban Sprawl (surrounding, road connectivity, photo document); Document (mental map, showing soft scape, hard scape, furniture etc.); Herbarium, Activity Mapping through sketches; Issues and Analysis (through sketch or photo document and text); and Inferences (through plan or sketches).