MP Dial 100 App

Madhusudan Sharma from
B.Tech (Computer Science & Engineering)

This project is developed in collaboration with the state government of Madhya Pradesh to enhance MP Dial 100 service. This android application is officially certified by the MP Dial 100, Bhopal.

The app was developed to mitigate the issue of making a manual call during emergency situations. In an emergency, users can just tap their smartphone’s power button five or more than five times which will make this application to automatically fetch the registered details of users (including name of the person, address, IMEI number and triangulates the tower location as well as GPS coordinates to fetch the pin point location of the user) and will generate a SOS message for the Dial 100 Headquarters as well as the registered numbers in the application.

This will also initiate a call to the emergency service and will start recording surrounding sounds that would serve as proof (whenever required). The application has dedicated hotlines so that no emergency call remains unanswered. Every SOS call from this application is considered as a high priority call followed by a prompt action.