Is it the right time to pursue a career in Hospitality & Tourism?


This question may be hovering in the mind of every individual who is either a part of Hospitality Industry or may be dreaming to make a career in Hospitality & Tourism. At this point, you may feel that it will be a very bold decision to look forward to a career in Hospitality & Tourism. Let us try to understand why it may work out to the best time to pursue a career in Hospitality & Tourism.

Fact: “If you take admission in 2021, you are going to pass -out in the year 2024”.

We Human beings are mentally trained to adapt to changes and history says we have been doing the same since ages. The Travel & Tourism Industry who are traditionally considered to be an Industry expected to provide high class experience through their personal services suddenly moved to contact less services by providing “Home Delivery”, “Contactless reservation”, “Contact-less payments”, “Special hygiene & safety”, etc. etc. Many 5-star hotels changed their business plan to accommodate the “Hospital related services”, to come forward as one of the warriors of COVID-19.

Entrepreneurship has seen a sharp increase and home chefs started offering packed food and bakery products as a new and upcoming business model. Sporting events like IPL, continue to happen without spectators on ground. Students and school kids who were never allowed to play with mobile and online gadgets are suddenly exposed to virtual learning. So, what I mean to say is, we can adapt to changes as and when require. The restrictions in Covid have also resulted in opening of new opportunities for the Hospitality Industry- Use of Robotics, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence etc. are all adding up to the existing opportunities in Hospitality Industry in addition to the old traditional opportunities.

Many new trends are peeping at the most attractive and luxurious Hospitality Industry. Report says that people have cancelled their abroad trips, that means people are expected to travel more within their countries and domestic tourism is going to experience a huge surge in business and hence huge opportunities for the upcoming Hospitality professionals.

As aptly mentioned by an expert from the Industry “The Industry is just like the Hot wheel Cars today, we are pulling ourselves back so that we can bounce back with more speed and more vigor”- Chef Ashish Bhasin.

Of course, you must be doubly careful now to choose your Institute, because this pandemic has raptured some real good Institutes and hence the below grid can help you choose your Institute for the future.

As mentioned by Robert C. Ford, Managing Hospitality Organizations,

"Although every organization wants an effective staff, the hospitality organization depends almost completely upon its personnel to deliver the high- quality guest experience".

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Prof. (Dr.) Sanjeeb Pal
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Member of GSTC (Global Sustainable Tourism Council), USA
Member of Institute of Hospitality, UK
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