Beyond Academics

Personality Development

Enhancing Confidence to Stay Ahead

We firmly believe that an individual’s personality is exceedingly important to determine the degree of his social, emotional and professional excellence in this inter-dependent and complex world. Our emphasis on personality development focusses on giving the students an opportunity to develop a socially viable, multi-faceted and impressive personality. The personality development of students is thus conducted as a continuous process which starts with the first semester and continues till the completion of the student’s programme instead of a sporadic or one time activity. It is conducted in various modes like:

Military Training

Bringing out the leader in you

All post graduate students undergo a week long compulsory military training at Amity University of Haryana, Manesar, Gurugram.


The Amity School for Communication Enhancement and Transformation conducts classes regularly on Personality Development, English Communication Skills, Group Discussions and facing Placement Interviews.


The Amity Institute of Behavioral & Allied Sciences addresses the Behavioral Grooming of students by conducting regular classes and workshops for students on behavioral aspects.

Extra Curricular Excellence

A wide range of clubs and facilities are available on Campus to pursue students their areas of interest. These include clubs like Robotics, Aero Modeling, Debate, Dramatics, and Photography etc.

There are numerous outdoor playgrounds and indoor play facilities to help students stay fit and develop a spirit of healthy competition. Sports meets are held regularly and culminate in the annual sports event “Sangathan” held in the campus and also at Noida campus. Yoga classes are held at the Yoga Centre. There is also a state of the art and well equipped Gymnasium which attracts a large number of students.

Foreign Languages

More companies than ever are pursuing international business and are keen on hiring globally-minded individuals who can speak at least one foreign language. Keeping this in mind, at Amity the students undergo a mandatory course in learning a foreign language from the available choice of Spanish, German or French.

Grooming for Interviews

The ASCENT grooms final year and pre final year students for placement process by assisting them in writing their CVs, enhancing their communication skills, preparing them and conducting Written Aptitude Tests (WAT), conducting mock interviews and group discussions and improving their overall employability.

This is done in conjunction with the CRC, which interfaces with the industry to facilitate Campus Placements. For students desirous of joining the Defense Forces sessions are conducted by a senior Army officer in the capacity of a qualified Interviewing Officer, to prepare and guide the students through the Service Selection Board process.

Values & Ethics

101 Attributes of an Amitian

While the importance of values and ethics can't be ignored in any walk of life it's imperative that they are practiced in the field of education and student life. Emphasizing on the need of inculcating the same among our students a booklet with the title ‘101 Attributes of an Amitian’ is issued to all students on joining the Campus.


Expert Personal & Professional Advice

The Amity Institute of Behavioral & Allied Sciences (AIBAS) has a Counselling Cell where any student having or showing emotional needs, symptoms of stress or depression, can seek expert and confidential counselling from our professional psychologists of AIBAS.

Prevention of Sexual Harassment Cell (PSHC)

As per Regulation 12 of AUUP pertaining to “Prevention of Sexual Harassment” and in consonance with the Questionnaire devised by the UGC and Task Force set up by it to recommend measures to ensure the safety of women and youth on University and College campuses, Prevention of Sexual Harassment Cell has been constituted under Chairpersonship of Prof. (Dr.) Manju Agrawal, Dean Student Welfare and Director AIBAS. The cell has three major objectives:

Spread awareness about the concept of sexual harassment, the Supreme Court guidelines about it and about the legal act. Empower girls by increasing their self-esteem and self-confidence through various activities such as self-defense training.

Create an environment of healthy interaction among boys and girls and an environment of mutual respect to promote gender equality and gender justice. It aims to inculcate, among girls, a sense of security in the campus and improve their participation in various activities resulting in their empowerment and inclusive growth.

Immediate redressal of grievance and adequate punishment to those who indulge in any kind of sexual harassment. The cell is open to both sexes.

Mentor-Mentee System

All students are assigned a faculty member of their choice who regularly interacts with them to guide them on their path. In addition, alumni mentors also interact with students.