Parents Testimonials

  • Mrs. Meena Shukla

    Mrs. Meena Shukla


    Mrs. Meena Shukla (M/o Sneha Shukla)

    All the success and merits of my daughter Sneha are dedicated to her teachers. We are really delighted to hear Sneha's feedback/result and even happier to see her placed. Amity University Chhattisgarh has been a great support not only in terms of imparting knowledge to Sneha but also in generating confidence and expression within her for the past 2 years since she joined in MBA. Our sincere gratitude for all teachings and affection showered upon Sneha throughout which is truly commendable and beyond the expression of words. I would also like to thank Amity University and management for all their support and cooperation this whole time by keeping my daughter motivated through different activities and brightening her future.

  • Mrs. Bhavna Tiwari

    Mrs. Bhavna Tiwari


    Mrs. Bhavna Tiwari (M/o Nirali Tiwari)

    I am very much happy that my daughter is doing her MBA from Amity University Chhattisgarh. Every Parent desire for the grooming of one’s child and this institute has proven this in all aspects-such as education, sense of discipline, high moral and ethical values. It was immense pleasure seeing Nirali Placed. Amity University is a platform where students get chance to empower their dreams and groom themselves into responsible citizens.