Industry Interaction

The Beginning of Success

Amity students have more interaction with the corporate world than any other institution-one of the reasons why Amity is consistently ranked at the top.

The Amity Corporate Resource Centre acts as an interface between the students, faculty, and the corporate world to initiate continuous interaction with the industry, sharing the industry experiences, understanding industry needs and providing the required support to the corporate world.

Besides regular Management Development Programmes (MDPs), Seminars, Consultancy, Quiz Contests, Research & Resource Sharing, the Centre organizes the following specific programmes

CEOs Forum

Corporate Mind Sharing

In this forum, 3 to 4 CEOs from diversified industry sectors are invited to speak and interact with students on specific topics

Over 1500 CEOs have already visited the campus for these forums

CEOs Dinner Series

Interacting with Corporate Leaders

As a truly unique experience, Amity invites top CEOs to dine with a group of 9-10 students

Students not only overcome the anxieties of interacting with a leading personality, but also develop close friendship with a mentor for life

Corporate Mentoring Program

Getting an insight into the real life corporate world

Students are paired with a corporate professional based on their area of interest and specialization

They are provided with the insights and experience deemed essential to face the corporate realities. They are also given advice on how to succeed in their chosen profession

Industry Captains

Sharing Corporate Insights

Over 1500 CEOs have been on Amity campuses to interact with students.

They are provided with the insights and experience deemed essential to face the corporate realities. They are also given advice on how to succeed in their chosen profession

Global Gurus

Listening to Legends

To create a forum for discussion, knowledge and idea sharing among the Indian corporate world and Amitians, Amity has facilitated interaction with more international experts than any other institution.

Some of the Global Gurus with whom Amity students have interacted.

Sessions With Statesmen

Views of the Visionaries

The mission of Amity University is to groom students who will shape India's tomorrow.. That is why there is a regular interaction on Campus with leaders for inspiration.

Leading International Academicians

Mind-time with Scholars

Leading international speakers and visiting academicians regularly visit Amity University Campus to share their experiences. It gives the students a global view of any issue and sharpens their skills to emerge a winner.

Amity International Centre Lecture Series

A Platform For Intellectual Deliberations

The Amity International Centre brings together intellectuals and luminaries in diverse fields ranging from science, technology, commerce, judiciary, executive, legislature, management to spirituality and philosophy etc.

This platform provides a unique opportunity to discuss and debate on a multitude of contemporary issues both of national and international significance.

It is a part of many initiatives of Amity University for discussion, sharing of knowledge and exchange of ideas among those who have a concern for nation building and wish to be updated about global issues and developments.

Some of the over 150 topics discussed during Amity International Centre Lecture Series

  • Red China: A Success Story
  • Vedic Education System: Modern Context
  • Breathing Fire: China’s Aggressive Posturing
  • Future Trends in Indian Politics
  • Elections Over: Foreign Affairs and the Media
  • Indian Energy Scenario
  • Terrorism in the Context of Maritime Security
  • Menace of Terrorism
  • Indo-Pak Relations: The Past and the Future
  • Global Financial Crisis and Impact on India
  • Dynamics of Turbulence in North East
  • Terrorism & Its Impact on India
  • Potential Growth Stars of the 21st Century - BRICs
  • The Indo-US Nuclear Deal in a Global Context
  • Right to Information Act
  • Issues of Governance
  • Life Science in Service of Soldier and Society