ABS Research

Research, Innovation and Extension

Around the world, research-driven universities are the best assets which societies invest in because they …

  • Are a source of knowledge during vulnerable and unpredictable global environment
  • Make new understandings and
  • Are a key to ensure the future of a nation.

Amity is Research and Innovation driven University!

At Amity Business School, research 

  • Is a binding activity of the business management field along with regular teaching.
  • And education are part of the Knowledge Eco-system.

As a result, the effects of its synergy gets created by the co-existence of research and education

Innovation Ecosystem at ABS

  1. The Institution’s Research Policy is aligned with Research Policy of the     University.
  • Broad Based Goals: 3 and Graduate Attribute 2 across programs are related to the development of research culture in the university.
  • Program Learning Outcome Number 2 encourages research for students' institution.
  1. In alignment with the research policy a Research and      Development    Center/Cell is created with the following objectives:
  • To develop Research Aptitude of the students.
    1. Faculty members conduct workshops for students on How to Conduct Research in Summer Inter ship and Dissertations across programs.
    2. Class wise training sessions are conducted for students to write case studies across programs.
  • Students are encouraged to do more trainings.
  • To hone the Research Prowess of Faculty Members through mutual sharing.
    1. Based on objective and careful observation of past research-based achievements, individual targets are given for publications.
    2. Faculty Development Programs are conducted on research optimization for the increasing the research prowess.
  • All faculty were encouraged to do PhDs and now All faculty of ABS are doctorates.
  1. To promote and consolidate the Research done by the institution at various platforms across functional areas.
  2. Provide entrepreneurial orientation and facilitation


Research Initiatives at ABS

  • Research and Development Cell
  • Case Study Development Center
  • Centre For Research Publication
  • Journals, Magazines & Newsletters
  • Training & Consultancy Cell
  • Conferences
  • Faculty Development Programmes