MBA (3 Continent)

Program Code 16087

Campus Greater Noida

Institute Amity Business School, AUGN

University Amity University Uttar Pradesh

Eligibility For NS (Non Sponsored) category - min. ...

Duration 2 Years

Selection Process

  • Program Fee (Rs. in Lacs)
  • 1st Year Non Sponsored Semester 2.42
  • 1st Year Sponsored Semester Fee 3.62

Course Structure

1st Year

Semester 1

  • Global Business Management [Specialization Core (Functional/Sectoral)]
  • Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation [Employability & Skill Enhancement Courses]
  • Accounting for Managers [Core Courses]
  • Applications of Disruptive Technologies in Business [Core Courses]
  • Managerial Economics [Core Courses]
  • Marketing Management [Core Courses]
  • Organizational Behavior [Core Courses]
  • Statistics for Management [Core Courses]
  • Business Communication for Managers [Business Communication]
  • Self Development and Interpersonal Skills [Behavioural Science]
  • Foreign Business Language
  • Open Elective Courses
  • Outdoor Activity Based Courses

Semester 2

  • International Strategic Marketing [Specialization Core (Functional/Sectoral)]
  • International Trade Documentation and Logistics [Specialization Core (Functional/Sectoral)]
  • Managing Innovation Process [Specialization Core (Functional/Sectoral)]
  • Business Research Methods [Core Courses]
  • Financial Management [Core Courses]
  • Human Resource Management [Core Courses]
  • Legal Aspects of Business [Core Courses]
  • Operations Management [Core Courses]
  • Business Correspondence [Business Communication]
  • Conflict Resolution and Management [Behavioural Science]
  • Foreign Business Language
  • Open Elective Courses
  • Outdoor Activity Based Courses

2nd Year

Semester 3

  • Business Intelligence and Data Analytics [Specialisation Elective Courses]
  • Compensation and Reward Management [Specialisation Elective Courses]
  • Corporate Restructuring, Mergers and Acquisitions [Specialisation Elective Courses]
  • Corporate Tax Planning and Management [Specialisation Elective Courses]
  • Digital Marketing [Specialisation Elective Courses]
  • E - Business and Trade [Specialisation Elective Courses]
  • Economics of Emerging Markets [Specialisation Elective Courses]
  • Enterprise Cloud Computing [Specialisation Elective Courses]
  • Financial Engineering [Specialisation Elective Courses]
  • Financial Statement Analysis [Specialisation Elective Courses]
  • Global Marketing Communication [Specialisation Elective Courses]
  • Global Sales and Channel Management [Specialisation Elective Courses]
  • Global Strategic Brand Management [Specialisation Elective Courses]
  • Industrial Relations and Labour Laws [Specialisation Elective Courses]
  • International Human Resource Management [Specialisation Elective Courses]
  • Management of Financial Services [Specialisation Elective Courses]
  • Managing Business in Asia Pacific Region [Specialisation Elective Courses]
  • Performance Management System [Specialisation Elective Courses]
  • Pricing Strategies [Specialisation Elective Courses]
  • Project Management [Specialisation Elective Courses]
  • Risk and Insurance in International Trade [Specialisation Elective Courses]
  • Security Analysis and Portfolio Management [Specialisation Elective Courses]
  • Strategic Service Marketing [Specialisation Elective Courses]
  • Supply Chain Management [Specialisation Elective Courses]
  • Training and Development - Systems Strategies and Practices [Specialisation Elective Courses]
  • WTO and International Trade Law [Specialisation Elective Courses]
  • Summer Internship [Non Teaching Credit Courses]
  • Strategic Management [Core Courses]
  • Business Communication for Managerial Competence [Business Communication]
  • Professional Competencies and Career Development [Behavioural Science]
  • Foreign Business Language
  • Open Elective Courses
  • Outdoor Activity Based Courses

Semester 4

  • Economics of Global Competitiveness [Specialisation Elective Courses]
  • Global Outsourcing [Specialisation Elective Courses]
  • Understanding Consumers in India [Specialisation Elective Courses]
  • Company Report - I [Non Teaching Credit Courses]
  • Company Report [Non Teaching Credit Courses]
  • Major Project [Non Teaching Credit Courses]
  • Cross Cultural Management and Management of Multinational Companies [Country Elective Courses 2]
  • International Business Negotiation [Country Elective Courses 2]
  • Management in Action - Social Economic and Ethical Issues [Country Elective Courses 2]
  • Corporate Social Responsibility [Country Elective Courses 1]
  • International Business Strategy [Country Elective Courses 1]
  • Product Development and Management - a Global Perspective - UK [Country Elective Courses 1]
  • Foreign Business Language
  • Open Elective Courses
  • Outdoor Activity Based Courses