22 Feb 2024|Kolkata | Amity University Kolkata

Nukkad Natak

 Amity University Kolkata is a patron of art and culture besides the institution’s academic achievements. The B.Ed. students of Amity Institute of Education, Kolkata presented a powerful social drama (Nukkad Natak) "Youth ki Zimmedari, Future ki Tayyari" at the campus. The play that unfolded three socially important themes – the impact of technology on relationships, road safety, and applying voting rights – were appreciated by all in the audience. Act 1 showed how technology erodes relationships and urged everyone to learn to live with and value family time in the face of the digital chaos. Act 2 reiterated the need of wearing seat belts, wearing helmets, and abstaining from drunk driving. Act 3 encouraged young people to exercise their right to vote and influence the course of this nation. The amazing performance fostered a socially conscious environment.