26 Apr 2020|Jaipur | Amity University Jaipur Instagram

Live Instagram Session with Vineet Vincent on the skills and traits of being a professional Musician, Anchor and a Beatboxer

 An Instagram Live Interactive Session was held on 26th April, 2020 which had the remarkable presence of 70-80 attendees. The session was hosted by Dr. Tanushri Mukherjee, Associate Professor, Amity School of Communication, Amity University Rajasthan. The eminent speaker of the session was Mr. Vincent Vincent, India’s one of the leading beatboxers, a great musician and a phenomenal entertainer and presenter.

The session began with introducing the major areas of the session and also a brief introduction of the speaker by the host. The session was in a very conversational style and Mr. Vineet took the participants to the journey of his life and how he just started his career from a scratch as an emcee way long back in 2007 and how slowly- slowly just on the basis of his hard work, conviction and his passion he was able to create a mark for himself in the highly competitive world of being an anchor and an entertainer.

Mr. Vineet talked about some of the major areas where students need to work in order to be successful in their professions and to create a mark for themselves and he primarily mentioned that your hard work and the resultant positive word of mouth publicity has no substitute and the matra for excelling in life is to learn to find out what are the irrelevant and non essential things of ones’s life. The session was very engaging and extremely lively as vineet also talked about the present trends and problems of the media industry, specially commenting about the stories and news updates or posts of people on social media which can have disastrous consequences if not verified or checked. Being a fabulous musician too, Mr. Vineet ended by singing few lines from the song written and composed by him and revealing that he is very soon looking forward to launching his own album. The session ended by Dr. Tanushri expressing her heartfelt thanks to Mr. Vineet for sharing some of the very valuable insights related to his area of expertise which proved out to be highly informative for the attendees.