COVID-19 outbreak challenged the ways to live life. It forced us to revisit the old ways and change them to survive and carry out the normal course of life. One among such effects of COVID-19 outbreak was increased technological adaptation in personal and professional lives of people. Technology that used to be an aid to communication for years before the outbreak, now became indispensable to survive during lockdown and stay connected. Out of the many outcomes of COVID -19, one is ‘WofroHo’ (Work from Home).

Work from home was pertinent to specific job profiles until recently when social distancing made it difficult to perform professional duties with regular offline routine, so every field turned to online services and adapted ‘WoFroHo’ culture. It was no different in case of higher education. Institutes shifted from offline classes to online classes. Unknown websites and mobile applications were discovered and downloaded. This change revolutionized the teaching-learning process. Interaction between teacher and pupil was transformed from offline mode to online interface. Classroom got converted into online meeting groups, examinations to quizzes and projects.

Technology put forward the challenges too. On the one hand, it removed the precincts of conventional teaching, and on the other, it increased our dependence on it. Serious debates are going on as whether to make this change perpetual in education or not. Who knows what lies in the future, as of now this is the only way to carry out professional duties.

Amity University Rajasthan is one among a few institutions that pioneered the conversion of offline teaching to online teaching to respond to the need of the hour. The University implemented ‘WofroHo’ during the initial stage of COVID-19 spread in India itself. Proper training and support were provided to faculty members and students as and when required. Smooth conduct of online classes and online assessment have once again proved the academic leadership of the pioneer in the field of higher education in Rajasthan.

Dr. Apeksha Bhatnagar
Assistant Professor
Amity Business School
Amity University Rajasthan

Amity University Rajasthan