• Go KartThis cart was designed by the students belonging to Department of MAE, ASET. The kart is manufactured for a racing event organised by Leo Motorsports. The Go-Kart is fabricated with certain rules and regulations given by the organisers. We have manufactured it while considering all the safety aspects.

    The innovative part is that, unless the driver sits in the kart and wears the helmet, the kart does not start and the ignition does not take place. To achieve this, we have used various clip sensors and the Rasphberry Pi chip. We have also incorporated temperature sensors, which help the driver to know about the overheating of the engine or sudden fires. A lead is placed in front of the driver, which shows the warnings. All these things make our kart different from others.

  • Stick For Blind A smart walking stick which alerts visually impaired people over ground level obstacle. It uses ultrasonic sensors for obstacle detection.