14 Sep 2021-17 Sep 2021|Mumbai

Amity University Mumbai Celebrates Data Science Week

 Amity Business School, Amity University Mumbai celebrated ‘The Data Science Week’ from September 14-September17, 2021. Data Science in the current business scenario has become a necessary tool for any organization to succeed.  In this week, ABS attempted to provide its students as future business administrators a perspective to understand basic concepts related to Data Science and its applications. Industry practitioners discussed about case studies, tools and techniques and industry trends. 

Day 1: Topic: Introduction to Data Science (Presenter - Arka Dutta, Co-founder KValuent)

The session started with understanding the concept of Data Science and why companies have started relying on Data Science. Mr. Dutta spoke about increase in demand of Data Science across sectors. There was also explanation on Advantages of Data Science and various fun facts associated with it. There were also mentions of the role of Business Analyst and necessary skill set required to get into that role. Active discussion around Data Science tools, Data Science Life Cycle and Pipeline also ensued in class. Other topics briefly covered were Machine Learning, Cloud Computing and Big Data.

Day 2: Topic: Role of Data Management in Healthcare Industry (Presenter - Dr. Manoj Kumar, Senior Vice President and Strategic Business Unit Head- Intas/Accord Pharmaceuticals)

The session provided an understanding of data management in Healthcare industry. Healthcare data is increasingly digitized and, like in most other industries, data is growing in Velocity, Volume and Value. Data Lifecycle with reference to healthcare industry was discussed at length. Dr. Manoj also discussed about the 5 essential capabilities of Data Management such as Data Wrangling, Data Catalog, Automated Machine Learning, Master Data Management and Elastic Data Processing and storage.  The various benefits of data management and key metrics of data quality were also elaborated in the session. Real life case study on how data management helped the healthcare industry during the Covid 19 outbreak discussed during the session.

Day 3: Topic: Demystify Data Science- A Case Study Approach (Presenter – Mr. Arka Dutta, Co-Founder K Valuent)

In this session, with the help of a case study approach, some of the key concepts related to Data Science were explained. The session started with an understanding what is Data Science and why is it required in the current business scenario. There was elaborate explanation on Data Science Pipeline with the help of a case study. With regards to the knowledge of software, details of the available software packages were shared. An introduction to Machine Learning was also provided with an explanation of the broad categories of Machine Learning algorithms.

Day 4: Topic: Data Analytics on Cloud- A new business paradigm (Presenter – Mr. Saurabh Pathak, Data Science Specialist)

The session started on understanding Data Analytics and how it helps organization in the current turbulent times. A detailed understanding of type of data analytics were also provided such as descriptive, diagnostic, prescriptive and predictive. Subsequently, the speaker spoke about cloud computing and reasons as to why organizations are moving to cloud for data analytics. The speaker also defined cloud computing, features of cloud computing, various deployment models and service categories. The starter packs of cloud and data analytics were also discussed during the session.