20 Dec 2022-|Mumbai

Amity University Mumbai Organizes Industrial Visit To Jawaharlal Nehru Port Authorities

 An Industrial Visit to Jawaharlal Nehru Port Authority(JNPA) was organized for the 2nd year students of MBA by Amity Business School on 20th December 2022. A total of 40 students accompanied by faculties Dr.Reshma Nair and Dr.Jaymin Shah went for one day visit to the port. The visit was to help students visualize and understand the various aspects of port operations and other administrative functions.

  •  The port officials arranged for a very informative session, where the students were taken to show the vessels, seeing loading and offloading process when containers reach the terminal.
  •  They explained to students the need and emergence of JNPT port, and the progress it has made so far which has made it one of the top performing and revenue generating ports in India.
  • They further highlighted on the government initiatives to widen many infrastructure projects, like developing SEZ, multilane roads, bridges, dry ports to help manage more capacities at the port.
  • They also highlighted the concept of green ports to help keep the environmental pollution under control. They also spoke about the privatization of the ports and the overall benefits with it.
  • Students took active involvement in asking questions and exploring the port functioning in detail. Overall it was an enriching and enlightening visit, and all of them enjoyed every part of this Industrial visit.
  • A special thanks to Mr.Dongre and Mr.Sanjay Patil of public relations department at JNPA in rendering their complete support and guidance to the students.