Career Test

2 This question is to find how you GATHER information or what you pay ATTENTION to. Please Click on Either A or B :


  • Learn new things by imitation and observation.
  • Value solid, recognizable methods achieved in step-by-step manner.
  • Focus on actual experience
  • Tend to be specific and literal;give detailed descriptions.
  • Rely on past experiences.
  • Likes predictable relationships.
  • Appreciates standard ways to solve problems.
  • Methodical.
  • Value realism and common sense.
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  • Learn new things through general concepts.
  • Value different or unusual methods achieved via inspiration.
  • Focus on possibilities.
  • Tend to be general and figurative; use metaphors and analogies.
  • Behave imaginatively.
  • Rely on hunches.
  • Values change in relationships.
  • Use new and different ways to solve problems and teach solutions.
  • Leap around in a roundabout way.
  • Value imagination and innovation
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